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Nikki Fuller SEXY top female body builder is becoming iconoclastic for the image of ultimate female power. Nikki Fuller worldwide international celebrity fitness star created mainstream acceptance as the cover model for the book “The Women” a hard copy pictorial of the top female body builders and fitness models in the world. Nikki Fuller personifies the mystique of Greek Goddess Athena in power & strength. Nikki Fuller’s persona is just as much feminine as it is super heroic.

Nikki Fuller is an prime example of beauty poise vitality and human female muscle #1 Hollywood production package Nikki Fuller Miss Olympia body beautiful Nikki Fuller is the #1 example of muscled beauty and poise and carries herself like a true feminine icon of bulk muscle and is captivating what a body on Nikki Fuller she knows how to take care of her body muscle bulk to join and see Nikki Fuller Hollywood muscle queen of muscle beauty vitality and feminine poise!





If you have any questions please contact Nikki at:


For those of you who do not know Nikki Fuller from the bodybuilding scene, here is a brief introduction of Nikki Fuller International Celebrity

Hello Everyone! Check out my website

It took some time to learn the technical skills, but now I can offer you a newly styled and elegant presentation of my second year on the comeback trail! I am as muscular as ever before and my strength in the gym will prove it! So please, take a moment to visit my website and join in on my progess! The changes are captivating as are the latest galleries and video clips!

Nikki Fuller: Powerful, tall, blonde, talented, charismatic, huge muscle and strength woman extraordinaire.

This is the one and only source of current news, fitness tips, and latest images of one of the most knowledgeable female bodybuilders of all time!

Also in this club, you will find out in depth details of Nikki's amazing strength, muscular size, density and power.

The incredibly SEXY pro bodybuilder, Nikki Fuller, will discuss all topics of fitness and contest preparation. She will also provide you with news of her latest behind the scenes activities. Let her show you how she became remarkably muscular and a top level champion.

It started back in the late '90's when Nikki Fuller had just turned professional and learning how to put a few poses together and step off stage with a trophy! It was just supposed to be a one time shot to diet down and fight the anxieties of getting on stage to perform compulsory poses and the free style routine for a packed auditorium! Nikki Fuller won the first show she ever entered, which was the 1988 Novice Oregon, and two weeks later competed again in Seattle's very coveted regional event of the Emerald Cup! Nikki Fuller took third to two returning national level competitors and was more than inspired after that to take competition more seriously! Nikki Fuller met someone by the name of Steve Wennerstrom, and he arranged for Nikki Fuller to meet with Bill Jentz of Women's Physique World! Nikki Fuller really felt that if Steve hadn't been so persuasive about her next contest goal that Nikki Fuller may have stopped after winning in Oregon.

Nikki Fuller competed the next year and took home the regional trophy and began to prepare for the nationals. The beautiful international celebrity thought that she fell off her national pre contest season with business affairs and became distracted by the opening of a second business while trying to get ready for the USA's. Needless to say, Nikki might have lost her true focus, came in second place and had to try the North American! Nikki Fuller still had not reached her target and came in just short of first place again with another silver! This time Nikki had three more weeks (each show was about three weeks apart), and she was determined to get it right this time! Nikki Fuller had carb depleted for more than 7 weeks and ran her cardio up to four hours a day and two hours off isometric posing! This was just the trick to get Nikki's premature muscle maturity to come in sooner and look as tight as someone who had competed for several years longer than she had! After all, Nikki Fuller won the Nationals, but within only two years of beginning to train with weights! Nikki Fuller had to gain maturity and fast if she would do well at all in the Pro ranks!

Nikki Fuller #1 international celebrity worldwide decided to take off a year and came back to compete in the Ms. Olympia, then The Ms. International, then the Olympia again and once more in the Ms. I! In Nikki Fuller's words, "It really is a blur to me now! I gave up caring what places I took! I remember taking top ten in the "O" and top six in the "I". I actually looked my very best when I placed nearly last at the 1997 Ms. Jan Tana Classic in Roanoke VA! So, I stepped out, regrouped got into the Screen Actors Guild and ran with that pack for a while!" WOW, what a blast! Nikki Fuller was headed for international worldwide appeal and really had a blast even going to auditions! Nikki learned something new about herself every time she went out there and braved the camera! THIS IS THE BLOG where everyone worldwide can relate to both realms of Nikki Fuller's experience into one world to the Universe! Nikki Fuller can live to know her fans and hope to give her fans the picture window into her life and her thoughts so they can know Nikki Fuller better than ever before!

Thank you for your support!

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Andy's Guestbook
Last updated
Welcome to the Page of the gorgeous, incredibly muscular and very attractive IFBB Professional Bodybuilder NIKKI FULLER!

Professional bodybuilder, Wrestler, Actress and "L&C" Artist!

Height: 5 foot 9 inches

Contest weight: 174 lbs. @ 4% body fat Off season Weight: 192 lbs. @ 12% body fat

Contest History:
1988 Novice Oregon - !st pl. & Overall winner
1988 Emerald Cup - 3rd pl.
1989 Emerald Empire - 1st pl. & Overall
1989 Bill Pearl Classic - 1st pl. & Overall
1989 Rosecup 1st & Overall
1989 Pacific Coast Championships - 1st & Overall
1989 Emerald Cup - 1st & Overall
1989 Orange County Classic - 1st pl. & Overall
1990 USA - 2nd pl.
1990 North American - 2nd pl.
1990 Nationals - 2nd pl.
1990 World Amateur's - 3rd pl.
1991 Ms.Olympia - 11th pl.
1992 Jan Tana Pro Classic - 1st pl.& Overall
1993 Ms. Olympia - finalist- 7th pl.
1994 Ms. International 13th pl.
1995 Ms. International - finalist- 6th pl.
1996 Ms. International - 12th pl.

Many of you may know me best from the cover of the book entitled "The Women" photography of the top female bodybuilders and fitness models by photographer Bill Dobbins. Although, this may be the most illustrious achievement of my career, I believe it does not cover the range of success I had during my competition reign. I started training for bodybuilding on a dare! It was my lack of confidence and overwhelming shyness that caused me to become so determined to compete! I trained for 6-8 months and then hit a novice competition! The audience and judges gave me their review after the show and told me they loved my size and height! I even got praised that I looked alot like the young Ms. Everson in her early days of FBB. I was prodded to go for another show one week later in Seattle, the Emerald Cup championships! I placed just under two great champions for third place! This is where I met the great Steve Wennerstrom! He told me that I was a champion! WOW! I had no clue! He also arranged the meeting with Bill Jentz and all the people who work with Women's Physique World! I flew to New Jersey and had my first physique photo shoot! Later, that year I competed again and again in every show, to build my confidence and become better at my stage presence! In 1989 I soared through the regionals with really only one year of training! The next year, I ran through some difficulty, having two gyms open up that I was owner of, while I was gave way to huge distractions and I missed my peaks for the USA's and the North American. The Nationals gave me another chance to find my target and optimize my newly acquired muscle to show at my best condition! I was 143 lbs. and 6% body fat. This put me in the pro ranks but set me back because the two yeas of training I had was filled with competing! i needed to fill out in a "big" way! This became my obsession! I wanted not just to be big but to be as strong as any male BB in any gym! I picked the best training partners and matched their lifts. I think because my bone structure was lighter that made me focus on strict form! Eventually my strict form paid of and I excelled in strength to dominate any lifter in the gym- anywhere!

I stepped out of the sport when I saw the declining support from FBB officials. I saw the politics would hamper my ability to demonstrate positive qualities of my bodybuilding art! I thought I would expose t greater to turn to the entertainment markets! I landed three national commercials including a Super Bowl commercial for AT&T. I also had recognized parts on Arli$$, Ally McBeal, Just Shoot Me, Trading Places, Everybody Loves Raymond and many others. I felt, delighted to have notable actors revere me yet still unfulfilled! I needed to be part of an extremely physical and aggressive sport, so I entered a wrestling audition and landed a role on the show, "The Women of Wrestling"! It took off with great ratings, but the investors dashed and so it only lasted one season, but long enough to catch the attention of Vince Mac Mahon! I enrolled in his west coast training camp, and had pre-show tryout wrestling matches with the divas of WWE! It was so exciting to wrestle with the best but the lifestyle wasn't for me! I still continue to wrestle some of the shows locally on the Indies-circuit just for kicks! The power lifting, bodybuilding, acting, wrestling, boxing, and stunt training has now lead me to a new destination and goal! Now I am involved in the old genre of Lift and Carry feats! I find it a real test of my strength and agility! The challenge it presents has made it become almost addicting! In future months, please look for the updates to reflect my new sport interest! I will have many features of this kind and other strength-proving feats! I appreciate your interest and support! Thanks to all the fans who have sent their words of love and encouragement! I do this all for you!


NIKKI FULLER Measurements
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 185 lbs to 195 lbs
Biceps: 17
Chest: 52"
Waist: 27"
Hips: 36"

Some of Nikki's Lifts

Bench: 275 lbs 10 reps
Flat Dumbbell Press: 130 lbs for reps
Incline Dumbbell Press: 110 lbs for reps
Decline Dumbbell Press: 100 lbs for reps
Dumbbell Fly's: 50 lbs for reps

Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 90 lbs for reps
Barbell Press: 185 lbs for reps
Dumbbell Side Laterals: 40 lbs for reps

Barbell Shrugs: 315 lbs. for reps
Dumbbell Shoulder Shrugs: 140 lbs for reps

Barbell Rows: 315 lbs for reps
One Arm Dumbbell Rows: 140 lbs for reps

Lying Barbell Extension: 135 lbs for reps
Overhead One-Arm Dumbbell Extension: 50 lbs for reps
Cable Triceps Pushdown: 120 lbs for reps
Dips (45-lb Weight Belt): 20 reps

Barbell Curl: 135 lbs for reps
Seated Dumbbell Curls: 45 lbs for reps
One-Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl: 55 lbs for reps

Squats: 315 lbs for reps
Leg Press: 1200 lbs for reps
Hack Squats: 270 lbs for reps
Leg Extensions: 200 lbs for reps

Barbell Dead Lifts: 315 lbs for reps
Dumbbell Dead Lifts: 140 lbs for reps
Standing Leg Curl: 200 lbs for reps

Standing Calf Raise: 500 lbs for reps
Seated Calf Raise: 245 lbs.
Donkey Raise: 400 lbs for reps

Please note:

Nikki does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!

© 2005-2007 by Nikki Fuller


Click Here for the Members Area Journal
April 10, 2006
Hi Everyone!

I have made so much progress in one year to regain size and strength! I have really done well for being back into the loop only one year!

These past months have flown by and I have been nearly matching every single max lift in the gym with those I set in the height of my competitive days! I also added on 40 pounds of solid muscle to my frame reclaiming my great muscularity and shape! It will definitely require more time to actually stand on stage next to the FBB's competing now but, I feel with a few more months of hard training, I could give it a real try! I am not one to go half-way on anything, so as the weeks go by you can visit my website and see how I am progressing! At times, I may hit great new levels of strength, and when I do I use this time to take tons of "Strength" themed galleries and video downloads! There are points when I will reach a training plateau and need to give my body rest!

When I have reached a peak of growth and have pushed my potential to the max, then I will exhibit more galleries to reveal the soft and artistic side of my personality! Don't be surprised by any of the wacky, crazy stuff I do! It is there for your amusement, and to give you something to shape your perspective with! I really hope you join my site and enjoy the features of fitness as I lay them out for you to view! All comments and suggestions welcomed! All insults considered! All crass remarks discarded! This is your land of possibility, dreams, solutions, inspiration, and feedback! Let me show you how to make your muscular dreams come true!

February 2007

I have decided to come back to the hardcore training and single myself out as one of the biggest, most muscular chic?s in Hollywood! O.K., that's really no contest but at least it?s one I can win! I love to win, winning means everything, why do something that you know you can't win? Well, I feel more than confident that I am one of the best bodybuilders of all time, and just stopped competing right when I was reaching my top condition. Many of you have asked, "why did you stop?" Well, it was mainly because of a car accident that took some time to recover from. I had to take off two years to heal, but I did not sit idle. I instead turned to the acting world as a new platform to conquer. I am pleased by my accomplishments but acting never gave me the inner satisfaction that the sport of bodybuilding has. So stay connected and watch my second round because it will be a "knockout"!

March 2007

I filmed the Wakefield video today in San Pedro. To me, this marks the turning point from the sleek physique to the peaked. I now am trading the L.A. look for the Olympia look. Hello! I just realized this is what truly makes me happy. It was fun doing the other little adventures like boxing and wrestling but these things could not come close to my love for lifting and competing for Bodybuilding!

Besides the confusion over what a female bodybuilder is and is not should be squelched once and for all. I may not be able to stand on stage just yet. The sport is probably not ready for how outspoken I can be, but I feel compelled to exhibit in my website the ideals that made me decide to put on the ultimate mass and muscularity and compete as a FEMALE BODYBUILDER!

April 2007

My new website is now on line. I am waiting for the key factor....HUGENESS!! I have always stayed so leaned-out that it is strange to eat so much. I am eating 4 times more than I did in previous months but it is all going to work for me as the muscle keeps coming back at a very surprising rate. Send me your comments, if you have any! Let me know how big do you think I should get? I am pushing to weigh more than I ever have before, that is over 200lbs. Do you guys out there think this will look hot,?.or what? I just can?t seem to find enough meat to eat. I like eating meat wrapped around meat with some cheese and a protein shake!!

May 2007

I have returned to a full schedule of lifting, in fact, it is a double-duty schedule. I train in a double-split routine. Two or three small body parts in the morning and then one big body part in the evening. I want my lifts to improve 10- 20% each month. I am now at 65-75% of my best lifting strength. Since, my squats were max 455 lbs. it will be hard to match that in this short amount of time but by mid summer I will be challenging my own best max lifts.
Speaking of video, have all of you seen me in the Wakefield rock video? it was voted #1 on MTV's Oven Fresh Program. Check it out if you haven't already. The link is on my news page.

This coming month of June will be the second month of my hardcore training comeback. For those of you who have witnessed the earlier shots be prepared to see me match my stats page this month. I am close to at least 90% of my strength has been regained. I look forward to this summer when I can list my improved stats and best lifts. Hey, maybe I won't need the dumbbells! I'm sure I will have some volunteers which will assist my "lifts and carries? section of my site!

June 2007

See weekly updates and private photos in the exclusive Members Journal this month!

Nikki Fuller News Update

June 4, 2007

Check out the trailer for the new X-Men movie!

June 1, 2007

Upcoming contest in Pasadena

June 3, 2007

May 22, 2007

"It was a nightmare on Hollywood blvd" - ABC 7 news

HOLLYWOOD, May 21, 2007 - A street performer dressed as the horror movie character Freddy Krueger, of "Nightmare on Elm Street" fame, was arrested today for allegedly stabbing a man with his knife-like fingernails in front of Mann's Chinese Theatre, police said. The costumed man was dressed in a full-body Freddy Krueger costume, including a glove with fingers made of scissor blades, said Lt. Dennis Ballas. Witnesses say the Freddy Krueger look-alike was being harassed by a passerby who appeared to be drunk. That's when the Freddy character allegedly stabbed the man in the chest with his scissor-hand. The victim was treated and released from a hospital after suffering puncture wounds. The man dressed as Krueger, who is in his 20s, was uninjured. He has been arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. It isn't unusual to see street performers dressed up as famous characters taking photos with tourists outside Mann's Chinese Theatre. "We thought all the characters on Hollywood Boulevard had props made of plastic, but this guy's hands were made of real metal," Ballas said. Copyright © 2006 KABC-TV. All rights reserved.

April 7, 2007

Looking for new jewelry! How about a Giant Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Brooch? Read on ...
A little information on our little friends. These insects come in varied patterns and are decorated with the finest Austrian Swarovski crystal. Each roach takes about an hour of painstaking work to achieve his final magical glory. All roaches are male to ensure sterility, and come complete with a leash set. This consists of a gorgeous pin you attach to your clothing with a chain that clasps to the cockraoch's carapace to keep him from running amok. The lifespan of these animals is approximately one year if housed and fed properly. This is not a guarantee, it is an estimate. Roaches love fresh bananas and must have access to fresh water at all times, a very damp paper towel or cotton ball will do the trick. Dehydration is the main cause of death. Keep him in a little terrarium in the dark and he will love you and be very responsive to your touch. Roaches are shipped overnight in a box and can be kept in this box for up to 4 days without food or water while you secure him more hospitable accommodations. Read More

April 3, 2007

For those of you who were members of my previous site, you may see some familiar graphics and features, although you will undoubtedly notice how much smoother this site is to use over the last one! I have been striving to bring you even better content then before which you will find in the following days and weeks coming!

March marks the one year anniversary of my return! I hit nearly all of my maximum lifts on record and gained more than 35 lbs.! In the following, updates you will see the incredible size, strength and definition changes as I fill my frame to the fullest proportions ever seen on my physique yet! I encourage you to join my new and improved website! Be sure to let me know if you like what you see!

In all, I want to thank all the people who had subscribed to my website and who continue to remain members of my site! Your love and support is the very reason I have a new commitment to return to the sport if bodybuilding and the resolution to be one of the biggest and strongest females in the industry today!

Without my supporters this would be a lost cause, but with you it becomes a great and exciting journey! Thank you for being here for me!


Nikki Fuller

February 17, 2007

Check out my good friend Leroy Colbert's new site.

July 25, 2007

I will be in Las Vegas this weekend for the USA Show. I am meeting up with the number one supporter of well muscled women on the internet, Andy of

July 4, 2007

June 1, 2007

I just got back from 6 days of filming a short film in San Francisco and then in British Columbia. It was exhausting but so much fun. I did this for a friend of mine who produces films for video and markets them internationally.

May 14, 2007

MTV Features Nikki Fuller in Punk-Pop Video

West Coasters may not have heard of the young, hip group of male rockers called Wakefield, but that isn’t the case on the flip-side of the states. This Maryland group became popular, handling backyard parties to touring with bands like "American Made, The Rebels, Jimmies Chicken Shack, the former Blink 182 and 311, and MXPX. This video is - "C'mon Baby", April 19th '05.
To View This Video, Click the link below. When you get to the page, click on VIDEO and choose your player format.


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If you have any questions please contact Nikki at:
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Name: Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone
Birth Date: August 16, 1958
Birth Place: Bay City, Michigan, USA
Occupation: Singer/Actress
“I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art.”
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Brother Christopher Ciccone designs restaurant interiors. Renovated a mansion overlooking Hudson River north of New York City in the same West Nyack community that's home to Rosie O'Donnell and director Jonathan Demme.

Her videos "Justify My Love" and "What It Feels Like For A Girl" were banned from VH1 & MTV. "Erotica" (1992), though not banned, was only played after midnight on MTV.

Her record company Maverick Records signed a distribution deal with A Band Apart Records, a record company founded by Quentin Tarantino and Lawrence Bender. A Band Apart Records will focus on film soundtracks. [30 July 1997]

Gave birth to baby daughter. The baby is named Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon. The father is actor/fitness instructor Carlos Leon. [14 October 1996]

Chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the world. [1991]

Studied with the Alvin Ailey dance troupe and Pearl Lang's Dance Company in Manhattan. [1978]

Unanimously condemned by the Puerto Rican House of Representatives for pulling a Puerto Rican flag between her legs in an October 26, 1993 concert.

Her song, "Vogue", is a tribute to the glamour of classic Hollywood. Celebrities mentioned in the song are Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Joe DiMaggio, Marlon Brando, James Dean, Grace Kelly, Jean Harlow, Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Rita Hayworth, Lauren Bacall, Katharine Hepburn, Lana Turner, and Bette Davis.

Was supposed to play the lead in Music of the Heart (1999) but dropped out two weeks before filming was set to begin.

High school cheerleader.

Marched with the Bridgemen Drum and Bugle Corps.

Her daughter Lourdes was named as a tribute to Madonna's mother, who wanted to visit Lourdes, France, where the Virgin Mary, the Madonna, appeared in 1858, but died before doing so.

Gave birth to a baby boy, Rocco John Ritchie, 3 weeks prematurely. [11 August 2000]

Was considered for the role in Casino (1995) that eventually went to Sharon Stone.

Turned down the lead in The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989).

Turned down the role of Cristal Conners in Showgirls (1995).

Was good friends with Gwyneth Paltrow before she declined her invitation to join her Kabbalah study group in London. A similar thing happened to her friendship with Debi Mazar, who didn't like Madonna's participation in the Kabbalah.

In his 38th annual Worst Dressed List published in January 1998, Mr. Blackwell wrote about her questionable taste in clothing the previous year, "Let's be blunt, yesterday's Evita is today's Velveeta."

Owner of Maverick Records label (1992-2004).

Graduated from Rochester Adams High School in 1976. Studied at the North Carolina School of the Arts, and won a scholarship to study modern dance and drama for 3 semesters at the University of Michigan.

One of 7 siblings. Her mother died of breast cancer on December 1st, 1963.

Her infamous 1994 appearance on "Late Show with David Letterman" (1993) had her saying the "f" word 13 times.

Has an IQ of 140.

Her birthday is also the anniversary of Elvis Presley's death.

Bought mansion in the Hollywood Hills originally built for Rudolph Valentino.

Born at 7:05 AM MST.

Named one of People Magazine's '50 Most Beautiful People of 1991', and '25 Most Intriguing People of 2001'.

In 1989, she had a multi-million dollar contract with Pepsi to promote their product as well as cross-promote her new album, "Like a Prayer". However, when the video for the first single, "Like a Prayer", was released, it caused international controversy, with images of burning crosses, murder, and racism, and Pepsi soon retracted their contract, and the 13-minute commercial was only viewed once, at the Superbowl. The single later soared to Number 1 on the charts and stayed there for 3 weeks. She later thanked Pepsi for creating such controversy.

Appeared in a 1988 stage play with Ron Silver and Joe Mantegna called "Speed-The-Plow".

Did a Japanese commercial for Panasonic in 1987.

Her film Shanghai Surprise (1986) was a box-office disaster, costing $17 million and grossing only $2.

Appeared in a filmed stage play in 1980 called "In Artificial Light", in which she wrote her own part.

Appeared in a stage play in 1986 called "Goose And Tom-Tom" with then-husband Sean Penn.

Her first film, A Certain Sacrifice (1985), was released in 1985, after she became a star, but was actually shot in two parts, the first in 1979, and the other, in 1981.

A September 2000 Rolling Stone article estimated her worth as $650 million. Since then, she has released the album "Music", which sold 12 million copies, has had a 47-date sold-out worldwide tour, completed a movie, and released a greatest hits compilation.

As of 2001, her albums have sold 153 million copies worldwide.

As of early 2002, has had 15 solo albums: "Madonna" (1983); "Like a Virgin" (1984); "True Blue" (1986); "Who's That Girl" (1987); "You Can Dance" (1987); "Like a Prayer" (1989); "I'm Breathless" (1990); "The Immaculate Collection" (1990); "Erotica" (1992); "Bedtime Stories" (1994); "Something to Remember" (1995); "Evita" (1996); "Ray of Light" (1998); "Music" (2000); "GHV2: Greatest Hits Volume 2" (2001).

She campaigned for the role of Frida Kalo, as did Jennifer Lopez, and tried to get a film made for numerous years. She had hoped to actually star with Marlon Brando as Diego Rivera, but due to her lack of box office draw at the time, the film idea went nowhere. After Evita (1996), she and Salma Hayek were both interested in films about the artist. Hayek's film won favor and was greenlit.

Named one of E!'s "top 20 entertainers of 2001".

Gwyneth Paltrow was the Maid of Honor at her wedding to Guy Ritchie.

Her grandparents are Michelina and Gaetano Ciccone.

Her father is Italian, her mother was French-Canadian.

Sister-in-law of Joe Henry

Measurements: 34C-23-33 (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)

In October 2000, Madonna won her fight against a cybersquatter using the domain name to operate a pornography website. The UN World Intellectual Property Organization found that site operator Dan Parisi "lacks rights or legitimate interests in the domain name." Parisi claims that he was in the process of handing over the rights to the domain name to a US hospital, Madonna Rehabilitation, which has the domain name, when the case started.

She started fashion trends in 1984 with her unique look using rosaries and crosses as jewelry and black rubber typewriter bands as bracelets. Legions of adolescent girls mimicked her look and a Madonna clothing store was opened in New York. Again in 2001, another huge fashion trend was set off by the "Material Mom", this time with western wear - cowboy hats and mud-splattered jeans.

In November 2000, Madonna held a live concert at the Brixton Academy in London which was broadcast over the Internet. A record nine million people watched the event, making it the largest live webcast of all time.

Her mother was born on July 11, 1932.

Madonna's song 'Little star' is dedicated to her daughter Lourdes

Madonna is featured on the sleeve of the album "Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors" by former Marillion singer Fish. She is also mentioned in his song "Big Wedge".

Madonna and Céline Dion share the same French-Canadian heritage through a common ancestor named Zacharie Cloutier.

Madonna is mentioned in the lyrics of the song "You Were Right" by Damon Gough, aka Badly Drawn Boy.

Attended St. Andrews Patrick Catholic school.

Attended West Junior High in Rochester Hills, Michigan for the 8th grade.

Her parents were married at Visitation Catholic Church in Bay City, Michigan on July 2, 1955.

Her mother and her two uncles were buried at Calvary Cemetery in Bay City, Michigan.

Purchased a mini mansion for daughter Lourdes in 2003. Produced by Posh Tots, a mini-mansion ranges in price from US$6,500 to US$125,000, and can even be installed with cable TV and running water.

December 2003 - announced she was starting a merchandising line of dolls, apparel, home decor, etc. as a tie-in to her best-selling children's book, "The English Roses".

Her first children's book, "The English Roses", was published in September, 2003.

Ranked #8 on VH1's 100 Greatest Women of Rock N Roll

Her wedding dress for her 2000 wedding to director Guy Ritchie was designed by her friend Stella McCartney.

Received a career award at the 2004 French NRJ Awards (January 2004).

"Madonna - Drowned World Tour 2001" home video release certified platinum in the U.S. (video sales of over 100,000 copies) (March 2002)

#6 in Life's 100 Greatest Rockers List (March 2002)

Won Best Solo Dance Artist at the 17th International Dance Music Awards held at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. (March 2002)

Voted #3 on the reader-voted Favorite Female List for Rolling Stone Magazine's 2001 Music Awards list, following Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez (January 2002).

"The Immaculate Collection" voted #1 on Blender magazine's 100 Greatest American Albums of All Time List. (Januray 2002)

"Nothing Fails" hits #1 on Billboard's Hot Dance/Club Play chart, making it her 32nd Dance/Club play chart #1 and her 14th Top Five consecutive hit on that chart (all but three of her entries have been top ten singles on this chart). (Week ending 7th February 2004)

Her 1985 hit "Into The Groove" was ranked #40 on VH1's 100 Greatest Dance Songs, while "Vogue" placed in the top 10 at #4.

Won Best Chart Act at the 2004 Dancestar USA Awards, in Bayfront Park, Miami. (9th March 2004)

Is good friends with Björk, who also wrote the song 'Bedtime Story' for her 1994 album, Bedtime Stories.

Parodied by Amy Poehler on "Saturday Night Live" (1975).

In 2003, three different action figures were made of her likeness based on her character, Susan, from the movie Desperately Seeking Susan (1985).

Fifth single from album "Madonna", "Lucky Star" becomes Madonna's 1st US Top 5 hit peaking at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100, and also the 1st in a string of 17 US Top 5 singles. In total "Lucky Star" spent 16 weeks on the US Hot 100 and 2 weeks at #2 on the Japan charts. The single was initially released in the UK in 1983, instead of "Burning Up / Physical Attraction", where it did not chart. Reissued in the UK in 1984, it would peak at #14. Other chart activity includes: #16 in Canada. #29 in Europe. #36 in Australia. The single did not chart in France or Germany, and it was not released in Japan. (August 1984)

Fourth single from album "Madonna", "Borderline" peaked at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100, giving Madonna her first US top 10 single, as well as her 1st US Gold single. The song remained in the Billboard Top 100 for 30 weeks. The only other Madonna to match this is "Take A Bow" in 1994. The songs video was nominated for Best New Artist in a Video at the MTV Music video Awards. Other chart activity includes: #12 in Australia. #22 in Canada. #26 in Japan. #56 in Europe. (February 1984)

Produced by Mark Kamins, her debut single "Everybody" peaks at #3 on the Billboard Dance Charts. The single unfortunately failed to chart on the US Billboard Top 100 Chart, Canada, Europe, the UK, Germany, France & Japan. The single was not released in Australia. (October 1982)

Second single from the album "Madonna", the double-sided 12" single "Burning Up / Physcial Attraction" peaks at #3 on the Billboard Dance Chart. Madonna's debut single in Australia, peaking at #13 on the Australian AMR chart. The single failed to chart on the US Billboard Hot 100, Europe, Germany, France & Japan. The single was not released in the UK. (March 1983)

Third single from the album "Madonna", "Holiday" peaks at #16 on the Billboard Hot 100 giving Madonna's her first Top 40 & Top 20 single. On the Billboard Dance Chart it became Madonna's first #1. The single also stayed at #13 on the European charts for 2 weeks. Certified Silver in the UK & France. Other chart activity includes: #4 in Australia. #6 in the UK. #9 in Germany. #10 in Japan. #24 in France. #34 in Canada. (July 1983)

Her debut album Madonna peaked at #8 on the Billboard Top 200, where it spent 168 weeks. 5 of the 8 tracks were written by Madonna. Peaking at #8 for 3 weeks, the album as of October 2000 has now sold over 5 million copies in the US alone. US Billboard Chart figures include: 5 weeks in the Top 10, 36 weeks in Top 40, 99 weeks in Top 100 & 168 weeks in Top 200. 5 million units shipped in the US, 3.3 million shipped internationally, totalling 8.3 million all up. Singles from this album include: Everybody, Burning Up/Physical Attraction, Holiday, Borderline & Lucky Star. Originally peaking at #44 in Germany, it would later be re-issued as Madonna: The First Album and peak at #28. Certified 5xPlatinum in the US, 3xPlatinum in the UK & Australia, 1xPlatinum in France, and Gold in Germany Other chart activity includes: #6 in the UK. #8 in France. #10 in Australia. #19 in Canada. (July 1983)

She is a fan of Katharine Hepburn.

Born on the same day as actress Angela Bassett.

July 1984: Produced by Chic's Nile Rodgers, the first single from the album "Like A Virgin", "Like A Virgin" stayed at #1 for 6 weeks in the US, becoming Madonna's 2nd longest stay at #1, where it was certified Gold. It would stay in the US charts for 19 weeks. Other chart activity includes: #1 in Australia for 5 weeks, Japan for 4 weeks, Canada for 3 weeks and Europe for 5 weeks. Other chart placings include #3 in the UK, #4 in Germany and #8 in France. It would be certified Gold in the US & UK, and Silver in Germany. Directed by Mary Lambert, the video would be nominated for 3 MTV Video Music Awards: Best choreography, Best art direction and Best cinematography.

December 1984: Album Like A Virgin peaks at #1 on the US charts, where it stayed for 3 weeks. Produced by Chic's Nile Rodgers, the album remains her highest selling studio album in the US, with over 10 million units sold (certified 10xPlatinum). It would stay in the Billboard Top 10 for 33 weeks, Top 40 for 52 weeks, Top 100 for 70 weeks and 200 for 108 weeks (More than 2 years). The album would spin 4 US Top 5 singles: "Like A Virgin", "Material Girl", "Angel" & "Dress You Up". The song "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" would be released as a single in 1996. Other chart activity includes: #1 in the UK for 6 weeks (where it was certified 6xPlatinum), #1 in Germany for a week (certified Platinum), #2 in Australia (certified 7xPlatinum), #2 in France (certified 2xPlatinum) & #3 in Canada for 5 weeks (certified 10xPlatinum).

January 1985: Second single from the album "Like A Virgin", "Material Girl" peaks at #2 on the US Billboard Top 100, and it remained in US chart for 17 weeks. It hit #1 in Japan for 2 weeks and peaked at #3 in the UK for 2 weeks. Other chart placings include: #4 in Australia. #5 in Canada & Europe. #13 in Germany. #47 in France.

April 1985: Third single from the album "Like A Virgin", "Angel" was released as a double A-side single in the US (where it peaked at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 & was certified Gold), Canada (where it hit #19) & #1 in Australia for 4 weeks. In other territories the singles were released separately. "Angel" peaked at #5 in the UK (where it was certified Silver), #3 in Japan, #13 in Europe, #31 in Germany and didn't chart in France. "Into The Groove" hit #1 in the UK (her first UK #1 for 4 weeks, where it was certified Gold), #1 in Japan for 3 weeks and #1 in Europe for a week. Other chart activity includes #2 in France & #3 in Germany (where it was certified Silver).

February 1985: From the soundtrack "Vision Quest", "Crazy For You" peaked at #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 for a week, #1 in Australia for 3 weeks and #1 in Japan for 4 weeks. It would stay on the US charts for 21 weeks. Other chart activity includes: #2 in the UK. #4 in Canada. #6 in Europe for 6 weeks. #36 in Germany. #47 in France. It was certified Gold in both the US and UK. It also marked her first Grammy nomination. It was re-released as a single in the UK in 1991 and again peaked at #2.

She has posed nude at least three times in her career: briefly in A Certain Sacrifice (1985), in some nude photos taken before she became famous in the late 1970s which eventually ran in Penthouse magazine and in the 1992 photo and interview book "Sex" which became a worldwide best seller.

Siblings: Martin (1957), Anthony (1956), Christopher (1960), Paula (1959), Melanie (1962), Mario (1969) and Jennifer (1968).

1985: "Holiday" re-issed in the UK just before the release of "Angel" where it peaked at #2 (4 places higher than its original release).

1985: Second single from the soundtrack "Vision Quest", "Gambler" peaked at #4 in the UK where it would be certified Silver. Although this was not released as a single in the US or Canada, the video was played constantly on MTV. Other chart activity includes: #8 in Europe, #10 in Australia, #12 in Japan, #25 in Germany, #35 in France.

11th January 1985: The home video release of her first concert tour "The Virgin Tour: Live" peaked at #1 on the Billboard home video chart, where it stayed for 49 weeks. The release includes 10 of the 13 songs performed at the show. It unfortunately leaves out "Angel", "Burning Up" and "Borderline".

1986: "Borderline" re-issued as a single in the UK where it peaked at #2 (54 places higher than its original release) and be certified Silver. It also peaked at #21 on Europe charts for two weeks.

24th July 1985: The fourth and final single from the album "Like A Virgin", "Dress You Up" peaked at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100. It remained on the chart for 16 weeks. It also hit #5 in Australia, Canada and the UK. It was certified silver in the UK. Other chart activity includes: #6 in Europe and Japan. #18 in France. #20 in Germany.

Her song "La Isla Bonita" (1986) was inspired by a visit she made to San Pedro, Ambergris Cay, Belize, with her then-husband Sean Penn

She was voted the 36th Greatest Artist of all time in Rock 'n' Roll by Rolling Stone.

A fan of the film Grey Gardens (1975).

Had lived in Pontiac, Michigan before living in Rochester Hills from 6th grade until she moved away to college.

Has a great-aunt named Bambina De Giulio.

Her grandparents are named Elsie Fortin and Willard Fortin (1904-1959).

Once had two pets named Chiquita (chichuahua) and Pepito (bull terrier).

Was born at Bay City Mercy Hospital in Bay City, Michigan.

Her son with Guy Ritchie, Rocco John Richie, was born by emergency C-section - 3 weeks early. [11 August 2000]

Re-Invention Tour was the #1 world tour of 2004 grossing over $125 million. 55 of 56 shows were sold-out. (Billboard Boxscore)

Turned down the role of Selina Kyle/Catwoman in _Batman Returns (1992)_ .

Was Prince's first choice for the role of the Kid's angelic muse Aura in his movie musical Graffiti Bridge (1990). She turned it down, brazenly telling him "the screenplay was awful." When it was finally released in theaters, the movie was a critical and commercial bomb.

Is the only person to "win" the awards for Worst Actress, Worst Supporting Actress and Worst Screen Couple at the Razzie Awards all in the same year. She "won" Worst Supporting Actress in the film Die Another Day (2002). She shared the Worst Screen Couple award with Adriano Giannini in Swept Away (2002). And she tied for Worst Actress in Swept Away (2002) with Britney Spears in Crossroads (2002).

Nude pictures of her taken years earlier, when she was a starving dancer, ran in Penthouse magazine. Due to the success of that issue, she posed nude again in the coffee table book "Sex" which became an instant best seller.

Voted #35 on Playboy's "100 sexiest women" of the 20th Century (jan/2000).

One of the very few friends she has kept from the old days is her former makeup artist, Debi Mazar, who is now an actress.

Good friends with singer Britney Spears

Her friendship with best friend Gwyneth Paltrow ended, because Paltrow couldn't get along with Madonna's extravagant lifestyle.

Is spoofed in Eminem's music video "Just lose it"

Is a big fan of Kylie Minogue.

Shares her birthday with Vanessa Carlton.

Is a distant cousin of Gwen Stefani. Gwen's great-aunt's mother-in-law shares the same last name with Madonna.

Favorite Designers: Dolce & Gabbana, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Betsy Johnson, Gianni Versace, Stella McCartney, Maripol.

Fell off a horse on her country estate in England, sustaining numerous injuries. [August 16, 2005]

Briefly hospitalized on her 47th birthday after breaking her hand and collar bone, and cracking three ribs after falling off a horse on her country estate.

Along with Pia Zadora, Sylvester Stallone, Pauly Shore and Demi Moore, one of the few people who have "won" back to back awards at the Razzies in successive years. She "won" Worst Actress of 1987 for her performance in the film Shanghai Surprise (1986), and then again the next year she "won" Worst Actress of 1988 for her performance in the film _Who's That Girl? (1987)_ .

Her role in "Speed The Plow" on Broadway was taken over by `Felcity Huffman'

During her career she always had much influence on fashion due to her constant image change. She is considered as a fashion icon by most women in the world.

Motherhood has inspired her to write a number of critically-acclaimed children's books: "The Adventures of Abdi", "The English Roses", "Lotsa de Casha", "Mr. Peabody's Apples" and "Yakov and the Seven Thieves". All have become international best-sellers and earned her praise for the morals woven into the stories.

Is strongly Pro-Life. She was even in anti-abortion ads in the UK.

Madonna's "Hung Up" jumped seven places to No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in December 2005. Consequently the pop icon matches Elvis Presley's tally for top 10 hits - 36, the most for any artist in the rock era.

Considered for the role of Catwoman in Batman Returns (1992), which eventually went to Michelle Pfeiffer.

Won two prizes at the 2006 Echo Awards for "Best Female Artist international" and "Hit of the Year" for "Hung Up" (12 March 2006).

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3Christina Aguilera
" Candyman "
134914/sitewide/promoimages/artists/a/aguilera_christina/vspot/candyman/320x240.jpg RCA2

" Beautiful Liar (Feat. Shakira) "
135899/sitewide/promoimages/artists/b/beyonce/vspot/beautiful_liar/320x240.jpg Columbia Records4

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" Girlfriend "
135386/sitewide/promoimages/artists/l/lavigne_avril/vspot/girlfriend/320x240.jpg RCA2

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" Read My Mind "
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" It's Not Over "
127763/sitewide/promoimages/artists/d/daughtry/vspot/its_not_over/320x240.jpg RCA2

8Blue October
" Into the Ocean "
121850/sitewide/promoimages/artists/b/blue_october/vspot/into_the_ocean/320x240.jpg Universal Motown3

" If Everyone Cared "
125203/sitewide/promoimages/artists/n/nickelback/vspot/if_everyone_cared/320x240.jpg Roadrunner International3

10Gwen Stefani
" The Sweet Escape "
127762/sitewide/promoimages/artists/s/stefani_gwen/v_spot/the_sweet_escape/320x240.jpg Interscope Records3Watch All Music Videos
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AjaxNetPhoto - Marine & specialist photo image archives, with searchable galleries. Online prints, photography related books, reviews & news.
Armin's Photoshop - Armin's photos are well known by German TV watchers. They can be supplied in up to 3264 x 2448, equaling 8 megapixels, at best .jpg quality.
Atlantic News Service - An international news photo and stock image agency specializing in photojournalism from the world's crises zones.
Brasil Imagem - Brazilian photography. Stock photos for commercial use, publicity and editorial.

British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies - Includes details of membership, a categorised archive, magazine, and an overview of the industry.
C.I.A. images - Central Imaging Agency provides images from the Israeli Palestinian conflict to magazines, newspapers, web sites, and book publishers around the world via assignments and stock library.

Corbis - Offers photography products and services for creative professionals and home users available online. Includes keyword search., Professional Digital Photographer - Shows Samples of his work, including images of Travel, Business, Architecture, with links to online e-commerce sites to rent licences. Based in Paris, France.

Dolce Vita and Italian Neorealism photos - A large selection of the Giuseppe Palmas's photographic archive. Photos from Italian post-war era, a lot of celebrities from the '50,'60 and '70.

Dragon News and Picture Agency - Photographic agency with archive of photographs taken in Wales (UK) over the past 20 years.

Explorer Photo - Browse galleries of digital images from the Western United States and Canada. Topics cover climbing, scuba diving, the Burning Man festivals, underwater portraits and night photography.

FEMA Disaster Photographs - The FEMA on line Photo Library contains approximately 10,000 disaster related photographs made since 1989. The photographs are of Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Floods, Typhoons, Fires, Avalanches, Ice Storms, Blizzards, Terrorist Attacks, Earthquakes, and the Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster.
Famous Pictures and Features Agency - Stock photography of studio, party, live, and other photos and interviews of music, film, TV and other celebrities. Updated daily by photographers and journalists worldwide.

Flower and Gardening Photos and Images For Sale - Medium resolutions images of horticulturally related subjects suitable for news paper and magazine use. Other products are also availabe from R J Horton Solutions, at the right price.
Fotex - German picture agency and archive. The database allows research in digital stock.

Fotoking - Archives photos, art images, and streaming video from Russia.
Geoff Williamson Image Collection - Collection of high resolution stock images featuring predominantly the Spanish Balearic Islands (Mallorca/Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera), European Cities, Marine, Aviation, Aerial and Lifestyle subjects.

Giuseppe Palmas Photographic Archive - Searchable collection of black and white photos of Italian celebrities, politicians, and events, 1950-1977. Bilingual site (Italian and English).

Impact digitals - Coalition of independent photojournalists and social documentary photographers. News, politics, social issues and political personality pictures.
InPhotoWeb - Digital photography archives, access to images, including previews, is by registration only. Bilingual site (Italian and English).
Insight News & Features - Goff Photos - Insight News & Features, Inc. is a photo-journalism agency specializing in celebrity news events. INF’s new high-speed website, in association with Goff Photos in London, allows our clients worldwide to download our images within 15 minutes of them being shot.

Levine and Roberts Stock Photography Research - Files include coverage of environmental, social, religious and ethnic issues and political figures from the New York City area.

Mallorca Photo Stock - More than 15.000 Majorca images in the photostock. In the online archive you find all bays, villages, traditional parties of the mediterranean island. Pictures are avaiable instantly in 300dpi/DIN A4. Our photographer Eduardo Miralles published in magazines like GEO, Elle...

Marginal Street Studio - Stock, editorial and news assignment photography.
Marion Bull Social Image Photo Library - Marion Bull is a London-based photographer and writer known for capturing the remote and unusual from destinations worldwide. These pages show a few examples of some 100,000 images covering travel, natural history, people, and abstracts.

Matthieu COLIN Photographe pour la presse magazine - Marseille Provence - Photographs by Matthieu Colin covering France, Europe & Asia Pacific
Military Stock Photography - An archive of some of the very best images available for licensed use in publishing, advertising, and public relations. - British Online picture library from Syndication International, bringing 250,000 images from the archives of The Mirror, The Sunday Mirror, The People, The Racing Post, Belfast Newsletter and Scotland's Daily Record and Sunday Mail. Categories covered include news, sport, royalty, celebrity, fashion and music.
Monsterpix: - Freelance travel photojournalism, based in Asia, Hong Kong. Black and white, landscape, cityscape, portrait, professional and personal, natural photography and in-depth travel articles by Catharine Nicol.
Neil Cooper Photography - Photo library of people and places in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean many taken on behalf of non government organisations showing aid and development work New York Daily News Pictures - Online database of over 2,000,000 images. Free online guest viewing.

Newsmakers Photo Agency - Photography from around the world in digital form for use by newspapers, magazines, on-line information services and publishers.

Newsphotos - Australia - Daily photo features of sports, celebrities, Aussie faces and world galleries of photos published in some of the best major newspapers in Australia. Searchable and browsable photo archives.

Newspix - Database of News Limited photographs available for commercial use. Search or browse galleries of news, sports, entertainment, Olympics, lifestyle, and historical photos.

Nicholas Pitt Photographer - Journalistic travel photography from a young Australian photographer based in Sweden. Stock library is a tightly edited collection of images from around the globe.

Ocean Images Yatching Photography - Images library of yatching, oceans and seas.
PA Photos - Provides online access to the photographic library of the Press Association. Specialises in news and sports photography from the UK and Ireland.
Pavan, Aldo - Italian travel photographer. Photo library is available for leasing.
Phogle - A photo database with detailed tags using semantic keywords. Semantics let you browse for images which are similar to one you've found (from a surrounding region, similar animal species etc).

Photo gratis, free pictures - Free photographs for personal and commercial use. Low and high resolution.

Photo press agency - French Press agency specialize in celebrities, more that 3 millions pictures from 1950 to 1990. Actual production generalist
Photoj - Cyberwire service offering comprehensive photojournalism from Ohio, including year-in-review galleries from the past.

Picture History - Collection of thousands of Historical Photographs from 1870 to 1940

Pix International - Original entertainment photo including images of international celebrities, bands, musicians, VIPs; general stock in a variety of categories.
Reporters - Offering European news and feature photography, celebrities, travel and stock. Specialized in corporate and news assignments.

Shutter Point Photography - Stock Photography, stock photographs, enabling sellers and buyers of photographs online.

Smith, Craig - Focusing on professional bicycle racing, motorcycles, special events. Large collection of stock photography.

Stockphoto-online - is a continuation of where you find images from several photographers.

Streetlife - Belgian stockphoto library for images of transport, streetlife and social issues.

Terrastock - Gerson Sobreira's photographs available for purchase. Galleries favour livestock, landscapes, and farm scenes. In English and Portuguese.

The Canadian Press Picture Archive - News, sports and historical photos from Canada's national wire service available for purchase online. Images from 1840 to today.

The Pulitzer Prizes - A digital archive of the Pulitzer Prize winners, including the Awards for feature photography and spot news photography.

Time Inc. Picture Collection - The fruits of decades of photojournalism, online.
Toedt, Matthias - Photography on Syria, Turkey, Uzbekistan, United Arab Emirates, Sultanate of Oman, China and some other places in Asia, Europe and Africa from this Beijing, China based photographer.

Vietnam War Stock Photos - Hundreds of previously unpublished Viet Nam War photos by award-winning war photographer Robert Hodierne.

Winter Sports & Lifestyle Sports Images - Commercial Image library and Photographic Print shop specializing in Winter Sports stock and Lifetsyle Sports and Fashion. Download delivery and credit card payment available.

WorldWideFeatures Newsfeatures - Independant agency supplying photographic and word features for newspapers and magazines worldwide.

brian aris online archive - Gallery of top celebrity photographer. Work covers a wide range of professional photography from reportage images to world famous celebrity portraits and british royalty.

stock photos of Washington, DC and newsmakers in Washington, DC - award winning,Washington, DC stock photography of Presidents, senators, and the people in the news. Also photographs relating to the issues and political events for the past forty years.

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I can't help it... I don't know why it is... But can a man ever be too wet? This is dedicated to the folks in Drool Streaks. You know who you are.
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See, here's the thing. I like the pretty. A lot. And sometimes it's not wet, or barefoot, wearing glasses or waving its hands around. Sometimes it's just there, begging me to look. So this is a capricious site, where I'm dropping my favourite picture of various celebs.


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This dictionary covers more than 28,000 notable men and women who have shaped our world from ancient times to the present day.
Database with over 25,000 of the greatest lives, past and present at your fingertips.

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Jewish people from many countries.

The largest guide to posthumous biography sites on the Web

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30,000 plus notable people.

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Welcome to the Biography Project. This reference tool is an ongoing effort to catalog and document the contributions of authors, artists, scientists, film makers and other culturally influential individuals on underground culture in its various forms.

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People Magazine

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Welcome to the Hispanic Heritage Month free resource site. Biography section.

Persons - Past & Present

AskART is an online database containing over 35,000 American artists from the early 16th-Century through the present. Criteria for artist inclusion are that the artist was born in the United States, spent a significant part of their career here, or although briefly in residence, created work of ongoing historical interest to Americans.

A guide to Artists, Authors, Directors and musicians.

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Established in 1968 by Coretta Scott King, The King Center is the official, living memorial dedicated to the advancement of the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., leader of America’s greatest nonviolent movement for justice, equality and peace.

The online compendium of "What Ever Happened To...?" and "Where are they now?"

World Artist Directory
The World Artist Directory is the internet's source for locating accomplished artists worldwide. Since acceptance is based solely on quality of technique and expression, only 25% of artists that apply qualify for inclusion.

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American Presidents: Life Portraits
From March to December 1999, C-SPAN profiled the 41 men who have served as chief executive of the United States. The network's 20th Anniversary television series covered 41 weeks and provided an indepth look at each of the presidents, their lives, families and administrations. The series was included among the 59th Annual Peabody Award winners in 2000.

British Monarchy
Yesterday & Today. Welcome to the official web site of the British Monarchy. Dating back over ten centuries, the Monarchy plays an important role in the UK and Commonwealth. This web site provides information on the work of The Queen in modern society, biographies of the Royal Family, a history of kings and queens through the ages, background on Royal residences and art collections, and coverage of recent Royal events.

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A series of biographies on the personal lives of history's mad royals. The absolute power they enjoyed often brought out the worst features of their character. Many Royals had egocentric, megalomaniac or paranoid tendencies and their mental states ranged from severe psychotic and psycho-organic disorders to personality disorders and light neuroses. Although not all Royals in this series were clinically mad, they certainly were peculiar.

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April 1, 2007
Celebrity Athlete Interviews

Interviews With Bench Pressers, Powerlifters, Bodybuilders, Strongmen, Strength Coaches, Fighters & Other Pro Athletes

Bench Presser Interviews

Bench Press Couple Bart Boggia and Jess Handshue
Bench Press Specialist Kenny Patterson
Nick Winters Closing Fast On The Raw Bench Record
Updated 2006 Shawn Lattimer Interview
Interview With 800 Pound Bench Presser Mike De Laval
Interview With 800 Pound Bench Presser Scott Yard
Interview With Bench Presser Sebastian Burns
Jay Fry Can Almost Bench Quadruple His Body Weight
Interview With Record Holder Jeremy Hoornstra
Interview With Bench Press Record Holder Craig Schmalz
Interview With Paul "Tiny" Meeker
Interview With Bench Press Girl Anita Ramsey
Joe Mazza Benches 615 Weighing 165
Interview With 825 Pound Bencher Mike Wolfe
Interview With Scot Mendelson
Interview #2 With Damian Osgood
Powerlifting Benchpress Champ Ryan Kennelly
Gene Rychlak Is The First Man to Bench Press 1,000 Pounds
Interview With Bench Press Champ Mark Carter
Bench Press Monster Ryan Kennelly Interview
Interview with Bench Press Legend Jamie Harris by Ben Tatar
Interview with 810 LB Bench Press Champ, Shawn Lattimer
Damian Osgood Benches 480 @ 162 by Ben Tatar
Interview With Jesse Kellum by Ben Tatar
IPF World Bench Press Champion Jennifer Thompson by Ben Tatar
Exclusive Interview With Super Bencher Mike Witmer by Ben Tatar
Anthony Clark Interview by Tim Bruner
Interview With The Bench Press King George Halbert by Monster Muscle Mag

Powerlifter Interviews

Interview With Powerlifter Thomus Bodenbender
Interview With Powerlifter Mike Schwanke
Interview With Teenage Powerlifting Star Joel Paredes
Interview With Teenage Sensation Amanda Harris
Interview With Jim Wendler of Elite Fitness Systems
Interview With Powerlifter Rickey Dale Crain
Interview With Powerlifter Greg Damminga
Laura Phelps Totals 10xs Her Body Weight
700 Pound Bencher Joey Smith
Powerlifter Jo Jordan of Orlando Barbell
Jeff Telljohn - World's Strongest 70-Year Old Powerlifter
Interview With Andy Bolton - World's Best Deadlifter
Interview with Leon Josaitis of
Powerlifting Has Changed the Life of Dean Bennett!
Interview With Deadlifter "Sgt. Rock" Brent Howard
Powerlifter Chris Mason of AtLarge Nutrition
Interview With Chuck Vogelpohl
Interview With Bruce Swanson and Son
Wade Johnson Powerlifter and APA State Chairman of TN
Brian "IrishOx" Highnote Has 5 World Titles!
Heavy Weight World Record Contender Chad Aichs
Powerlifter JT Hall Interview
Powerlifter Ken Ufford Interview
Interview with Powerlifting Champ Eric Stone
Interview with Deadlift Legend Vince Anello
Interview with Powerlifter Billy Mimnaugh
Interview with Bench Press Barbie Kara Bohigian
Interview with World Record Squat champion Mike Miller
Interview With Powerlifting Legend Kirk Karwoski
Interview With Powerlifter Gary Frank
Interview with Christi Witmer
Up Close & Personal With Strong Man Matt Smith
Interview with Famous Powerlifter Ed Coan by Ben Tatar
Interview with the World's Strongest Woman Becca Swanson
Can Brandon Cass Break Ed Coan's All Time Deadlift Record?
One on One With Veteran Powerlifter Roger Broeg by Ben Tatar
Interview With IFBB Pro and Powerlifter Eddie Robinson
800 Pound + Bencher Big Clay

Bodybuilder Interviews

Interview With Natural Pro Sean Larson
Interview With Figure Competitor & Model Michelle Bishop
Interview With Bodybuilder Craig Miles
Interview With Bodybuilder Sean Calder
2006 Interview With Jerome Dinh
Interview With Fitness Atlantic Promoter Brian Cannone
Kenny Gipson Was The Biggest Man @ The 06 Arnold!
Interview With Future Pro Hany Salib
Big Al Fortney Is Going For His Pro Card & Benches 600+
Interview With Bodybuilder Guillermo Escalante
Interview With Drug Free Bodybuilder Jerome Dinh
Natural Bodybuilder Chris Mitchell Says No To Steroids
Interview With Bodybuilder Jason Dayberry
In the mind of top bodybuilder Christine Sabo
Interview with Skip La Cour by Ben Tatar
Interview with Bodybuilder Rob Kreider by Ben Tatar
Interview with Bodybuilder Mark Dugdale by Ben Tatar
Interview with Bodybuilder Guy Grundy by Ben Tatar
Interview with Legendary Bodybuilder Dave Draper
Interview with Bodybuilder Tim Wescott
Interview with John Hansen, Natural Olympia Champion
Interview with Natural Bodybuilder/Model Anthony Catanzaro

Strongman Interviews

The World's Strongest Furnace Man Bryan Beaune
Strongman Competitor Tim Nagy
Lightweight Strongman Champion Brad Cardoza
Interview With Strongman Heinz Ollesch
Interview With Fit Mari Asp
Isaac Neeser Has The World's Largest Chest
Interview with Powerlifter Jeff Maddy

Pro Athlete & Industry Expert Interviews

MLB Player Will Groff of the St. Louis Cardinals
Arena Football Player Steve Konopka
Interview With Pro Coach Charles Poliquin
Interview With Sean Nalewanyj of
Interview With Critical Bench Owner Mike Westerdal
Nick Nilsson and his Specialization Exercises
We Ask Strength Coach Mike Mahler About Kettlebells
Interview with Jeff Anderson the "Muscle Nerd"
Interview with Will Brink
New Interview with Ben Tatar
Interview with Ben Tatar
Paul Becker of TrulyHuge interview
Interview with WWE's and UFC's Ron Waterman by Ben Tatar
Interview With ESPN's Barry Melrose

Professional Fighter Interviews

Interview With UFC's Sean Sherk
Interview With Ultimate Fighter Tracy Taylor
Interview With Ultimate Fighter Forrest Griffin
Interview With Ron H20 Waterman
Interview With Martial Artist Thomas Kenney
Interview With Martial Artist Joe Lira
Interview With Martial Artist Razor Rob McCullough
Interview With Martial Artist Rich "No Love" Clementi
Interview With The Hungarian Nightmare Christian Wellisch
Interview With Mixed Martial Artist Fabiano Scherner
Interview With Full Contact Fighter Jeremiah Navarro
Interview With Full Contact Fighter Nathan Quarry
Interview With Full Contact Fighter Pete Sell
Interview With Full Contact Fighter Landon Showalter
Interview With Full Contact Fighter Mike Swick
Interview With Full Contact Fighter Frank Shamrock
Kenny Florian Explains What It Takes To Be An MMA Fighter

Subscribers enjoy regular updates of pictorial photo sets of the top women bodybuilders, female muscle and fitness stars - as well as photos and reports covering the major NPC and IFBB female bodybuilding and physique competitions.

Modern Amazons - Preview of Bill Dobbins Female Physique Book! Available NOW - A coffee table, art book of photos of women bodybuilders and sexy female muscle stars by Bill Dobbins, published internationally in three languages by German publisher Taschen, which specializes in art books, nudes and the erotic.



3/28 On Location - 90 photos of beautiful hardbodies in the desert, mountains, the beach and other beautiful locations.

3/19 Michelle Andrea: Update - New scans of one of the most beautiful and sexiest FBBs of the 1990s

3/15 Lauren Powers - Bodybuilder, actress, firefigher - she's always rising to the challenge

3/10 Nina Monet - After competitive track, modeling and being a fitness instructor, Nina is getting started in figure competition.

3/5 - Arnold Weekend 2007 - IFBB FBB, Figure and Fitness competition. Under construction in Free Area.

2/26 - IFBB Sacramento FBB Pro 2007 - Hundreds of prejudging and finals photos. In Free Area.

2/21 - Sheryln Roy: Fitness As You Like It - Fitness America, NPC Figure, Aerobics and Hawaiian Tropic Winner (and a pro football cheerleader as well), Sherlyn as done it all.

2/1 Elise Firestone: Legs 'Bout Nine Miles Long - Elise is a make up artist and makes other women look good. As long as they aren't standing next to Elise!

1/25 Kate Wessell: Pretty In Pink - Kate is the kind of girl who looks good in anything. Or nothing. But those photo sessions are yet to come.

1/21 Kate Wessell: Playboy Bound? - She looks like one of Hugh Hefner's "girlfriends" so of course Playboy Magazine is interested. And so are the rest of us.

1/15 Arina Manta: Slideshow - Added to the slideshow section. Click here for free slideshow sample.

1/12 Arina Manta: Feature Complete - "Bustier" and "Black Bikini" photos added.

1/07/07- Arina Manta: Australian Superstar - Known as the "Monica Brant of Australia" Arina is both the Fitness and Figure Champion from "Down Under."

12/27- Carmen Garcia: Purple - Traditionally, purple is the color of royalty. All hail princess Carmen.

12/23- Carmen Garcia: Pink Shorts - Who loves short -shorts? Take a look at this photo feature and YOU will.

12/16- Carmen Garcia Reinvented - Why this glamorous blonde fitness model took rocker Joan Jett has her new role model.

12/5- Kristy Hawkins: Brains and Brawn - Still an NPC amateur, Kristy has the physique of a pro and the smarts to be working on her Ph.D. from Caltech.

11/29- NPC Nationals 2006 Photos - Fro now on contest coverage will be in the free area of the site. I am working on posting photos of the Nationals over the next week or so.

11/26- Marie_Laure Mahabir: Remembering the "Lost Exotic" - Marie-Laure was a great bodybuilder but too ethnic, exotic and muscular for the judges of the 1990s. Updated scans being added to the site.

11/20- Adela Garcia: Ms. Olympia Fitness 2006 - Arnold got in trouble recently calling somebody a "hot Latina." But Adela says you can call her that any time you want.

10/28- Nancy Di Nino: Staying Passionate - In dance or fitness competition, this Canadian dynamo never slows down.

10/19- Jennifer Schumm - Introducing "Fit Jenny"

10/13- Dayana Cadeau: In Living Color - Dayana photographed just before the 2006 Ms. Olympia.

10/9- Colette Nelson Does Dallas - Photos taken at the pool after the 2006 Dallas Pro are added to the studio and Red Rock Canyon photo sets on the Colette superfeature.

10/2- Olympia Weekend 2006 - Flash report posted in free area.

10/1- Sherry Goggin - In The Garden - How does your garden grow? When you are one of the most successful - and hotest - fitness models, it grows very well, indeed.

9/26- Natalie Verges: Black Suit, Pink Suit - Hot for teacher photo sets complete.

9/17- Natalie Verges: 4th Grade Never Looked So Good! - Natalie isn't IN 4th grade - she teaches it. At a catholic school, yet. And competes in NPC figure.

9/5- Latisha Wilder-One Piece - A one-piece suit covers a lot...but not when the wearer turns around.

9/2- Latisha Wilder - Supermodel in a small package. First two of four photo sets...under construction.

8/29- IFBB Europa Supershow - FBB, fitness and figure results and scoresheet. In free area contest coverage .

8/28- USA FBB Finals - 8 pages of posing photos on stage at the USA finals.

8/23- Cassandra Creech: Brown Belt - Cassandra as action/adventure star.

8/17- Susanne Bock: Butterly - Susanne spreads her wings.

8/12- Susanne Bock - This German bodybuilder swtiched to figure. Was this a good idea? First of three photo sets now on the site.

8/5- Tara Caballero - Nudes - Tara went from glamorous and sexy to FIT, glamorous and sexy through serious training and diet, as these outdoor nudes demonstrate. ≈

7/26- Cassandra Creech: Leopard - Meow! Photo set 1 complete. Set 2 under construction.

7/23- Cassandra Creech: Ladder - "Take me to a ladder, lady. I'll talk to you leader later."

7/19- Cassandra Creech - Actress, action/adventure star - hardbody. Under construction -first 3 photo sets now on site.

7/6- Heather Green: Tinsel - Your Xmas tree never looked this decorated! Feature complete.

6/29- Heather Green: Red and Blue - Not quite Red, White and Blue - but Happy July 4th anyway.

6/27- Heather Green: Purple - Prince is not the only one who looks good in purple.

6/24- Heather Green: Bikini Queen - It's easy (on the eyes) being Green. Photo features on this Ms. Bikini winner under construction.

6/16- Gina Aliotti: Feature Complete - Belatedly, the final two photo features of amazing, attractive Gina.

6/12- Jana Stewart: Fitness Guru - First three of five photo sets on the pro figure superstar.

6/10- "Fit Blondes" - Blondes may have more fun and might be more glamorous, but don't dare use the term "dumb blonde" anywhere near them - if you know what's good for you!

6/2- IFBB California Pro Figure - Results in free contest coverage area.

5/26- Michelle Bishop: "Uniform" - FYI, what Michelle wears to "work." Now you can look at the uniform and imagine what's underneath. Feature complete.

5/24- Michelle Bishop: "Red" - Red doesn't always mean "stop." Especially when it comes to lingerie.

5/22 - Arnold Weekend 2006 - Full report in free area.

5/16 - Michelle Bishop: Come Fly Me - Model, Figure Competitor - And Commercial Airline Pilot.

4/30 - Dayana Cadeau: In the Garden - And the fairest flower is Dayana herself.

4/24 - Timea Majorova: Yellow Green - Final pictorial in the Timea feature.

4/14 - Arnold Weekend 06: Finals - FBB, Fitness and Figure Internatonal finals and awards. Photo coverage complete.

4/11 - Arnold Weekend 06: Fitness Routines - Photographing fitness routines is like shooting skeet - you click and hope. New on site: two pages of the results.

4/10 - Arnold Weekend 06: Ms. International Posing Routines - Grace, beauty and MUSCLE.

4/9 - Arnold Weekend 06: Figure Prejudging - 5 pages of the "supermodels" of physique competitions.

4/8 - Arnold Weekend 06: Prejudging - Ms. International and fitness International prejudging photos - 8 pages.

4/5 - Timea Majorova: Speed Mania - 4 photo features down, one more to go.

3/31 - Arnold Weekend 06: Women Backstage - Fitness, figure and women bodybuilders backstage in the dressing rooms and pumping up.

3/29 - Timea Majorova: Picole - You can't get more cute than this!

3/27 - Arnold Weekend 06: Competitor Meeting - Fitness, figure and FBB women, officials and celebrities.

3/26 - Timea Majorova: The Top Fitness Model - Sexy new photos of the incomparable Timea! First two of 5 new photo sets..."Black Bustier" and "Cherry."

3/16 - Arnold Expo 06 - Three pages of babes, celebrities and excitement on the Expo floor at the Columbus Convention Center. Special coverage in free area.

3/15 - Koya Webb: Feature completed - The leggy athletic supermodel wearing sequins and yellow lingerie.

3/11 - Arnold Weekend 2006 - Bodybuilding, fitness and figure competition, backstage, expo and candid coverage under construction. Scoresheets and reports in free area.

3/9 - Koya Webb: Red Bikini - Looking at these photos of Koya, there's no doubt she's a top athlete.

3/7 - Koya Webb: Amazon Supermodel - Athlete, model, actress, figure competitor...and incredible Amazon! Feature under construction.

2/29 - Marika Johannson: Red Fishnet - The final Marika feature in the set.

2/27 - Marika Johannson - The 21 century Viking Queen. First two of three photo features.

2/23 - Nancy Georges: Silver, Black and White - Three more photo layouts featuring the gorgeous Nancy. Feature now complete.

2/12 - Nancy Georges: Designing The Better Body - A web designer and figure competitor, Nancy believes in "Designer, design thyself! First two of five photo sets now on site.

2/10 - Aleksandra Kobielak: The Lady is a Tiger - Meowwwww! Final photo set of the Aleksandra feature.

2/3 - Gina Lara: Magenta & Pink - Final two photos sets in the Gina feature.

1/29 - Amanda Dunbar: Lingerie - Belatedly, the final two photo sets of the Amanda feature.

1/22 - Gina Lara: Making Them Sweat - First two of four photo features on this Miss Bikini Amera and Fame fitness model.

1/7/06 - Valerie Waugaman: Green Skirt/White Shorts - Feature on the fabulous Valerie complete.

12/28 - Valerie Waugaman: Black Top/Black Skirt - Two more photo sets added to the Valerie feature.

12/27 - NPC Nationals FBB and Fitness Contest Reports - In free area.

12/25 - Valerie Waugaman: Figure Star - Her photos in the February 2006 Iron Man were mistakenly credited to Mike Neveaux. Here are all six sets of the original Bill Dobbins photo feature. Under construction.

12/20 - Maria Calo: Argentinian FBB Pro - Maria shows her boots are made for walking - and her muscles made for flexing.

12/18 - Aleksandra Kobielak: Red Lingerie - Red means "stop" - except when Aleksandra wears it.

12/16 - Aleksandra Kobielak: Green Lingerie - Frilly, lacey, feminine - part two of the Aleksandra feature.

12/15 - Aleksandra Kobielak: Black Bikini - This fitness and figure competitor, dancer and actress who onces graces the pages of Playboy in Poland brings a special air of elegance and sophistication to the IFBB stage - and to these photos. First of four photo features.

12/8 - NPC Nationals 05 - Fitness Finals - Final round posing, comparisons and awards. Nationals photo coverage complete.

12/6 - NPC Nationals 05 - Fitness Routines - They fly through the air with the greatest of ease. 3 pages of fitness routines.

12/6 - NPC Nationals 05 - Fitness Prejudging - The fitness competitors line up on stage for the judges during prejudging.

12/5- NPC Nationals 05 - Fitness Backstage - The fitness competitors backstage during prejuding, the fitness routines and the finals. IN FREE AREA.

12/4- NPC Nationals 05 - FBB Backstage - Three pages of photos of the women bodybuilders backstage prepping and pumping up.

12/3 - NPC Nationals 05 - FBB Finals - Women bodybuilders posing, the posedowns and awards. Six pages of photos.

11/29 - Nikki Warner: Buckskin - 2nd of 3 photo features of Nikki amid the rocks in the Arizona desert.

11/28 - NPC Nationals 05 - Meeting - Weigh-in for the FBBs, height classification for the fitness competitors, everybody gets a number and turns in posing/routine music.

11/27 - NPC Nationals 05 - Candids - The "expo" area of the Nationals was relatively small, but provided lots of eye candy nontheless.

11/26 - NPC Nationals 05 - FBB Prejudging - Two pages of the women bodybuilders during afternoon prejudging.

11/25 - Nikki Warner: "Meet Miss Nikki" - Photographed in the scenic desert outside of Las Vegas. First of thee photo features.

11/23- NPC Nationals 05 - FBB and Fitness - Results and scoresheets. Coverage in progress.

11/8 - Dayana Cadeau: Fire Suit - Dayana and her suit are hot, hot, hot.

11/6 - Dayana Cadeau: Uncrowned Ms. Olympia 2005 - The IFBB eliminated weight classes for FBB pros this year, but that doesnt mean Dayana isn't the best lightweight in the world. First two of four photo features.

11/4 - Olympia Fitness and Figure Finals - Photo coverage of the Olympia 2005 complete.

10/31 - Mostly Babes: Olympia Candids - The lovely fitness ladies and models at the Expo.

10/30 - Olympia Fitness & Figure - Prejudging plus the fitness routines (as seen from 100 feet away behind the heads of the judges).

10/29 - Ms. Olympia Finals - Final comparisons, posedown and awards.

10/29 - Ms. Olympia 2005 Contest Report - The "demoted" contest turns out to be the highlight of the weekend. Featured in free area.

10/22 - Olympia 2005 Weekend Report - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Contest reports to follow. GFeatured in free area.

10/21 - Olympia Women : Meet The Champs - The women competitors meet their fans at the Orleans in Las Vegas; plus bonus photos. Featured in free area.

10/20 - Ms. Olympia Prejudging - Compulsory poses and comparisons.

10/19 - Olympia Weekend 2005: Women's Bodybuilding Posing Routines - More than 400 photos featuring the posing routines of all the Ms. Olympia competitors.

10/18 - Olympia Weekend 2005: Scores - Female bodybuilding, figure and fitness results. Photos under construction in subscriber area.

10/9 - Europa-05: Photo Coverage Complete - Fitness routines, finals for all thee categories.

10/8 - Europa-05: FBB Posing Routines - 6 pages of the female bodybuilders posing.

10/1 - Europa-05: Figure Prejudging - Line-up and comparisons in the 1-piece and bikini rounds.

9/26 - Europa-05: Backstage - Five pages of female bodybuilders, fitness and figure competitors, oiling up and pumping up backstage.

9/26 - Europa-05: Candids - Two pages of luscious babe shots from Dallas.

9/25 - Europa-05 - First of the photo coverage pages: The meeting/weigh--in for the female bodybuilders, fitness and figure comopetitors.

9/23- IFBB Europa 2005 Results (in free area) - Pro fitness, figure and female bodybuilding scores.

9/19 - Gina Aliotti: Black Lingerie - USA Figure winner and new Figure Pro, Gina makes muscle look good. First of three features.

9/11 - Lydia Haskell: Straw Hat - Lydia feature is complete.

9/8 - Lydia Haskell: Red Bikini - A third photo set added to the feature.

9/4 - Lydia Haskell: Spiritual and Physical - "I'm a spiritual person and I believe we're all here for a purpose and we've all been given a gift to share."

8/31 - Pia Johnsen: Pink Bikini & Silver Bikini - The Pia Johnsen feature completed.

8/25 - Viviana Solando - Red Rocks - 3rd and final set of photos in the Mojave Madness feature.

8/24 - Amanda Dunbar - Pink Lingerie - new sexy photo set added to the Amanda feature.

8/21 - Amanda Dunbar - USA 05 Overall FBB Champion - A physical therapist who healed herself - right into the winner's circle. First two of six photo features now on site.

8/14 - Bonus Feature: Figure Backstage - Click for 3 pages of photos in contest coverage FREE AREA.

8/14 - NPC USA Championships: Figure Finals - 2 pages of the figure bodybuilders on stage in the evening show.

8/12 - NPC USA Championships: FBB Finals - Evening posing of the female bodybuilders - 6 pages.

8/11 - Viviana Soldano: Chalk Cliffs - 2nd photo set in the "Mojave Madness" series.

8/9 - NPC USA Championships:Figure Backstage - 4 pages of the figure bodybuilders backstage, prinping and pumping up.

8/7 - Pia Johnsen: "Hat" - You didn't know there were Norweigian cowgirls? Take a look. Set 2 of 4 photo features.

8/6 - NPC USA Championships - First set of photos...4 pages of women bodybuilders backstage.

8/4 - Pia Johnsen: Nordic Figure Star - Something to warm you up on those cold Norweigian nights. First of four photo sets.

7/25 - Viviana Soldano: Mojave Madness - "Moonscape," first of three features shot in the desert and rocks under a blazing Mojave sun.

7/19 - Lisa Marie Bickles: Camouflage - Once a marine, always a marine. Photo feature complete.

7/17 - Lisa Marie Bickles: Teeny Bikini - As much of Lisa as you're likely to see, at least for the time being.

7/16 - Lisa Marie Bickles - Once a marine, always a marine - but once a bodybuilder? First two of four photo pages.

7/9 - Danijla Crevar's Dilemma - Caught in between figure and bodybuilding, what's a girl to do?

6/29 - Anna Larsson in B&W - Dramatic and erotic black-and-white photo pages.

6/27 - Anna Larsson: "Blade" Does Figure - First two of four pages of photos featuring Swedish TV gladiator and now pro figure competitor Anna Larsson.

6/26 - Ms. Olympia Finals Controversy Updates - In Free Area - More information and reader feedback re The Ms. Olympia finals being demoted from the Friday finals to Saturday at the Expo.

6/18 - IFBB Californa Pro Figure Report - In free area.

6/15 - Kim Lyons: Flying On Afterburners- She married the paperboy, who turned out to be an F-16 jet pilot.

6/14 - Ms. Olympia Finals Replace by Model Search - FBB finals demoted to Saturday at the Expo Hall. Click For more Info.

6/4 - IFBB California Pro Figure - The "supermodels" of the fitness industry come to Culver City.

6/2 - NPC California Championships 2005 - Finals and scores of female bodybuilding, fitness and figure.

6/1 - Norma Carrasquilla: Latina Curves, World Class Muscle - This 3-time Colombian fitness champion is planning to compete in IFBB Pro Figure.

5/28 - IFBB California Pro Figure - Construction started on Calfiornia Pro Figure and NPC California.

5/22 - Meriza Goncalves: Muscle Maker-Heart Breaker! - "I believe everyone should try to make the best of their individual genetics." As the photos show, Meriza is doing a great job of practicing what she preaches.

5/17 - More Emerald Cup - Contest coverage, backstage and canddids being added on a daily basis.

5/11 - NPC and IFBB Emerald Cup - IFBB Pro Fitness and NPC female bodybuilding, fitness and figure.

5/6 - Federica Belli: Should She Be Ms. Olympia Figure? - Beauty, muscle, tall model proportions...Federica may be the best Figure competitor in the world.

4/21 - Raye Hollitt: 21st Century Amazon - Actress, model, strength athlete, American may be only "Skin Deep," but oh, what skin!

4/17- Kim Phillips: Galactic Champion - Winning the Galaxy Championships doesn't really make you the best in the whole gallaxy, but it's still quite an achievement. Check out Kim's photos and you can see why she won.

4/1- Cynthia Bridges Superfeature - Smart, sexy, athletic, a personal trainer, fitness champion, professional model and mom - Cynthia has it all and does it all.

3/20- Arnold FBB, Fitness and Figure Awards - Photo coverage of the Arnold 05 complete.

3/19- Arnold Fitness and Figure Finals- Photos from the night show.

3/19- Arnold FBB Posing Routines - The individual routines of all 11 female bodybuilding competitors

3/18 - Arnold Fitness Routines - Jump, spin, flip, whirl, split, tumble - repeat.

3/15 - Arnold Prejudging - Photo coverage of the female bodybuilders, fitness and figure competitors during afternoon prejudging at the Convention Center.

3/12 - Arnold Competitor Meeting - Female bodybuilders, fitness and figure competitors. Weigh-in, choosing numbers, briefing on contest procedures.

3/9 - Babes Of The Arnold Expo - 3 pages of photos from the Arnold Expo in Columbus, many of your celebrity favorites and a whole lot more.

3/8 - Babes Of The Iron Man Expo - February in Pasadena is becoming the time and place to experience the Iron Man Pro Invitational and the accompanying Iron Man Expo - featuring all sorts of fabulous babes.

3/7 - Arnold Weekend 2005- Winning Lineup Photos, Scoresheets; coverage under construction.

2/29 - Annie Rivieccio: Italian Muscle - If you look up "mesomorph" in the dictionary, chances are the definition will be illustrated with a picture of Annie.

2/21 - Sheilahe Brown : Amazon Muscle, Texas Style - They like things big in Texas and Texans feel they live in a beautiful state. Big and beautiful - Sheilahe fits right in.

2/10 - Pauline Nordin: Swedish Natural Bodybuilder - "When I work out , my ambition is to push my body harder and harder every time to see how much it can take, how much pressure it can stand."

2/2 - Rebecca Rush: Sarong Is So Right - Rebecca wearing a sexy sarong and little else. The final photos of the Rebecca studio feature.

1/25 - Rebecca Rush: "Micro-Kini" and "Teeny-Bikini" - Two more sexy photos sets added to the Rebecca feature.

1/23 - Rebecca Rush: Studio Voluptuous - This sexy figure competitor is curvaceous, voluptuous - with a bubbly personality that brightens up every room she's in. Under Constuction.

1/17 - Lisbeth Halikka: Feature Complete - The last two pages of Lisbeth photos now on site.

1/07 - Lisbeth Halikka: Finnish Figure Pro - Beautiful, a dancer and an awesome figure of an athletic woman. Two of four photo sets now on the site.

1/03 - Eva Stevens - Mirror - Final photo set added to the feature.


12/30- Valentina Chepiga - 2004 - Valentina took a swing by Los Angeles on her way home after the Ms. Olympia to pose for these three new sexy photos sets.

12/28- Eva Stevens (aka Ieva Alexknaite) - "Fringe Bikini" photo set added to feature.

12/27- Eva Stevens (aka Ieva Alexknaite) - 2 of 4 pages of photos added to the feature on this Galaxy winner - who is sleek and beautiful under any name.

12/08- Lenda Murray Superfeature: New Studio Photos - 4 pages of new Lenda photos taken after the 2004 Ms. Olympia added to the huge Lenda superfeature.

12/07 - NPC Nationals 2004: Photo Coverage Complete - FBB posing, fitness competitors, finals.

12/06 - NPC Nationals 2004: Female Bodybuilding Posing - Individual posing photos of all the women bodybuilder finalists.

12/02 - NPC Nationals 2004: Fitness Routines - They fly through the air with the greatest of ease.

12/01 - NPC Nationals 2004: FBB and Fitness Backstage - Up close and personal as the competitors primp, pump and oil up.

11/28 - NPC Nationals 2004: Competitor Meeting - Weigh -In for the FBBs, height measurements for the fitness competitors.

11/26 - Colette Nelson Makes It To The Pros - She attacked her weaknesses by realizing that sometimes "less is more."

11/24 - NPC Nationals 2004 - Placings and scoresheets, photos and reports under construction.

11/18 - Olympia 2004 Women's Competition Reports - Female bodybuilding, fitness and figure (in free area).

11/17 - Olympia Photo Coverage Complete - Female bodybuilding prejudging, individual posing routines, figure routines and FBB, fitness and figure finals.

11/16 - Joanna Thomas: UK Golden Girl - Winning the lightweight 2001 Jan Tana, Joanna hopes, not only launched her own career but will help to popularize bodybuilding for women back home in England, where women FBBs sometimes "don't get no respect."

11/13 - Olympia Figure Prejudging - 4 pages of figure competitor photos.

11/12 - Olympia Fitness Prejudging - 3 pages of fitness competitor photos.

11/10 - Pre-Olympia 04 Events- The Press Conference and the champs greet their public at "Meet The Champs."

11/06 - Olympia 04 Expo Photos - Babes, babes and more babes.

11/04 - Ms, Fitness and Figure Olympia - Contest coverage begins; competition scores.

10/26- Dina Al-Sabah - A virtual United Nations of ethnic backgrounds, Dina is a vision of marvelous Middle-Eastern muscle.

10/25- Yamile Marrero: Legally Buff - This NPC national bodybuilding competitor is a lawer and can beat you on stage or in the courtroom.

10/5- Brittany Thorsch: IFBB Pro Fitness Star - Brittany has a passion for fitness...both the competition and the lifestyle.

9/22- Lorena Cozza: Bodybuilder? - Beautiful, sexy and muscular...what's she doing in figure?

9/15- Monica Guerra: Wants To Feed You - "Everyone can benefit from learning to eat like a figure competitor."

9/05 -Jaime Koeppe: Vancouver Model Diva- This model and actress is heavily into sports and exercise.

9/04-Shaunte Johnson: "How I became a fitness model" - From basketball and track to bodybuilding and a modeling career, Shaunte is using the fashion for beautiful athletic female bodies to her own advantage.

9/01-KellyG: - This fitness star is the exception, not the rule.

8/28-IFBB SW Pro 2004: Photo Coverage Complete - Fitness finals and the bodybuilding and fitness winners.

8/20-IFBB SW Pro 2004 - Finals posing for the female bodybuilders and the Fitness Two-Piece round.

8/18 -IFBB SW Pro 2004 - FBB Posing Routines - Individual posing routines in the finals.

8/18 -Viviana Solando Feature Complete- 4 pages of sexy glamour photos added to Viviana's "Fit For Fashion" feature.

8/17 -Mari Kudla-Donnelly: Sex Kitten as Wife and Mother - Pro figure competitor, personal trainer, wife and mother, Mari makes Columbus proud that he discovered Ohio.

8/16 -IFBB SW Pro 2004 - FBB Compulsory Poses - The first round "standing relaxed" poses and the second round mandatories.

8/14 - IFBB SW Pro 2004: Behind The Scenes, 5 pages of photos of the competitor meeting, the dressing rooms and backstage pumping up.

8/10 -IFBB SW Pro 2004: Fitness Routines.

8/10 -IFBB SW Pro 2004: Results and scoresheets.

8/4 - USA Fitness 1-Piece - The fitness finalists on stage in the evening show. Check out your favorites.

8/3 - USA FBB Finals Posing - The finalists featured in 4 pages of photos containing more than 260 posing pictures.

8/1 - Tammie Leady: Hotlanta Fitness Star - Fitness competitor, trainer, model and actress - Tammie is a real Georgia peach.

7/31 - USA Candids and FBBs Backstage - Babes and celebrities at the USA 04 plus the women bodybuilders getting ready backstage.

7/25 - USA Fitness Routines - 4 pages of lovely bodies as they float through the air with the greatest of ease.

7/24 - NPC USA Championships - Photos from the pre-contest competitor meeting and weigh-in and the fitness women backstage.

7/20 - NPC USA Championships 2004 - Coverage begins of the female bodybuilders and fitness competitors at the USA in Las Vegas.

7/11 - Tanji Johnson: Update - 2 new photo sets of the fitness star - The "Alicia Keyes" Look and Tanji by Ringlight.

7/10 - IFBB California Pro Figure Contest Report - featured in Free Area.

6/23 - IFBB Night of Champions Contest Report - featured in Free Area.

6/18 - IFBB Night of Champions: Finals and "Didn't Place" Finishers - Photo sets from women's bodybuilding NY show complete.

6/17 - IFBB CA Pro Figure 2004: Backstage - The competitors primping and pumping.

6/17 - IFBB CA Pro Figure 2004: One-Piece Round - The figure women in afternoon prejudging.

6/13 - Night of Champions: Backstage - Due to archaic NY union rules, extremely exclusive photos of the women in the dressing rooms and pumping up backstage.

6/12 - IFBB CA Pro Figure 2004: Meeting - The figure competitors draw numbers and learn from Jim Manion about the changes in the IFBB.

6/10 - Night of Champions: Opening "Entertainment" - Some kind of theatrical opening is traditional at NOC...this year it involved Denise Masino in leather, riding a Harley, being "apprehended" by Dayana Cadeau in a police uniform - along with a Michael Jackson imitator, a bodybuilding fireman and more. (Yes, it was as confusing as it sounds, but Denise and Dayana looked good.)

6/7 - Night of Champions: Posing Routines - 3 pages featuring the posing routines of all the finalists.

6/3 - IFBB Pro Figure 2004 - Coverage begins of the IFBB pro figure competitors in Los Angeles.

6/2 - Night of Champions: Prejudging - 6 pages of prejudging photos from the NY show.

5/25 - Dione Miller Struts Her Stuff - She never thought she'd be prancing around on stage in a bikini - but she did and her fans love her for it.

5/18 - Katie Madden: The Tomboy Grows Up - 4 photo sets prove that this "loan arranger" is also a sexy hardbody physique competitor.

5/14 - Rhonda Lee Quaresma: Back To Bodybuilding - Sexy Rhonda Lee made an unfortunate switch to figure but is now back on the bodybuilding stage where she belongs.

4/30 - Kerstin Khalfani - the 6' "Towering Amazons" from Germany opts for figure competition.

4/26 - New Feature: Slideshows of featured pictorials - Beginning with Lori Smith and Amber Delucca. (Link to download Quicktime included.)

4/25 - Lori Smith: Master Sergeant Muscle - Here we go into the wild blue yonder with this lovely hardbody Air Force fitness competitor.

4/20 - Figure International 2004 Report - Arnold women's competition reports completed (in free area).

4/18 - Dayana Cadeau - Bonus Photo Set - Special added feature "Red Shorts." Nobody in female bodybuilding fills out a pair of shorts better than Dayana.

4/15 - Viviana Soldano: Fit for Fashion - The daughter of an Italian fashion designer brings her own sense of fashion to fitness. First two photo sets of a whole series..."Brown Leather," "Back Leather."

4/14 - Fitness International Contest Report - Coverage added (in the free area) of Adela Friedmansky, Kelly Ryan and the rest of the fitness competitors in Columbus.

4/6 - Arnold Weekend Contest Reports - Part 1 -Introduction, The Expo, The Lighting and the Ms. International. In free area.

4/4 - Dayana Cadeau: Pink Bikini - The final picture set of the fabulous and sexy Dayana superfeature.

4/3 - Arnold 04 Fitness and FBB Awards - The fitness finals and awards; FBB overall and awards.

3/29 - Arnold 04 Fitness Two-Piece and Awards - The figure women on stage in bikinis and Arnold handing out the winner's trophy.

3/27 - Arnold 04 FBB Posing Routines - Photos of the individual routines of all the heavyweight and lightweight class women's bodybuilding competitors.

3/26 - Arnold 04: Backstage Beauties - FBB, fitness and figure women backstage in the dressing room.

3/23 - Dayana Cadeau: Nudes with Statue - The statuesque Dayna poses nude with an artistic sculpture.

3/22 - Arnold 04: Prejudging - The first two rounds of female bodybuilding, the two-piece fitness round, the one-piece figure round.

3/19 - Dayana Cadeau: Mirror/Mirror - Once again we find that Dayana is the fairest of them all.

3/18 - Arnold Fitness Routines - The fitness competitors as they jump, spin, tumble, dance and all but fly through the air with the greatest of ease.

3/11 - Arnold Expo Photos - 2 pages, 101 pictures of the "babes" of the Arnold Weekend Expo 2004.

3/9 - Arnold Weekend 2004 - Coverage Begins: Winners, results, scoresheets. Hundreds of photos to follow.

3/1 - Lea Waide: Hail The Fitness Diva - Usually it's the gymnasts that win fitness championships, but Lea's dancing skills have qualified her as an IFBB pro.

2/28 - Dayana Cadeau: Spider Suit - Get caught in her seductive web. First of several new Dayana features.

2/15 - Brenda Kelly - Fantasy Fitness Model - Half European/Native American, half Japanese - and all beautiful. In this feature Brenda explores fantasy images of the erotic dancer, harem girl and Amazon warrior.

1/31 - Helle Nielsen: Great Dane - 3 studio photo sessions with Denmark's winner of the 2003 Jan Tana Woman's Bodybuilding championship.

1/30 - Lora Ottenad: Blond in a Bikini by the Pool - "I just want to quality to compete as a pro. Maybe this will be my year!"

1/20 - Bad, Bad Sheilae Brown - Long dancer's legs may not help to win bodybuilding contests but they sure do look good!

1/17 - Jennifer Lynn: What Figure Is Supposed To Look Like - Wondering what figure judges are "looking for"? Take a look at Jenny Lynn.

1/4/04 - Loretta Lynn: Arm Wrestler, Race Drive, Model - 3 photos sets of the lovely Loretta, including her first topless feature.

12/29 - Isabelle Turell: Not Bad For A Beginner - A 24 year old female bodybuilder, training for only 4 years, isn't supposed to be this good.

12/18 - Juliette Bergmann: Queen of the Comeback - After coming out of retirement to win three Ms. Olympia titles, female bodybuilding champion Juliette shows off her physique amid the rugged splendors of the mountains outside of Las Vegas.

12/16 - Nationals Female Bodybuilding and Fitness Contest Reports - All the facts and lots of opinions too (in free area).

12/8 - Nationals Female Bodybuilding and Fitness Finals/Awards - Finals comparisons, class winner awards and the overall champions.

12/5 - Nationals Fitness Routines - Two pages with 101 photos of the fitness competitors as they fly through the air with the greatest of effort.

12/1 - Amber Littlejohn: Muscling In On Pro Figure - You can't get any more exotic and erotic than this sexy Irish-Cherokee-Black pro figure beauty.

11/30 - Nationals 03: Female Bodybuilding Posing - 4 pages, 160 photos of the posing routines of the 15 finalists.

11/28 - Nationals Fitness & Women's Bodybuilding Backstage - Five pages of photos of the Nationals women in the dressing rooms, the pump up room and backstage.

11/27 - Nationals 2 Piece Fitness Round - Fitness competitors in bikinis on Friday night in conjunction with men's prejudging.

11/22 - Nationals Competitor Meeting - Bodybuilders are weighed, fitness competitors have height measured. Everyone gets numbers and turns in music. 2 pages of photos.

11/20 - NPC Nationals Female Bodybuilding and Fitness 2003 - Coverage Begins: Results and scoresheets.

11/19 - Tanji Johnson - "I want to change society's concept of what makes a 'real woman'."

11/11 - Olympia Photo Coverage Complete- FBB, fitness and figure prejudging and finals photos added.

11/09 - Ms. Olympia Fitness Routines - Three pages of the fitness competitors as they fly through the air with the greatest of ease.

11/09 - Ms. Olympia Female Bodybuilding Prejudging - The FBBs compared and doing individual comparison posing, 3pages of 160 total photos.

11/06 - Lots More Olympia Photos - The press conference, "Meet The Olympians," and the women pumping up backstage at the competition.

11/04 - Olympia Expo - More than 100 photos of the "babes of the Expo" - plus some celebrities from the industry.

11/01 - Olympia Women: Backstage - Fitness figure and bodybuilding women in the dressing rooms at the Mandalay Bay theater - doing hair and make-up, doing final touches to color, dressing, warming up and getting on their game faces.

10/31 - Olympia Women: Meeting & Weigh In - Fitness, figure and bodybuilding women draw numbers, the bodybuilders weigh in to determine weight class. You couldn't be there, but you can look at the pictures.

10/29 - Olympia Weekend 2003 - Results and scoresheets. Contest reports and photos - stage, backstage, expo, candids - UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

10/21 - Kim Chizevsky 2002; Page 3 - Final page of photos added to the Kim "fitness" pictorial.

10/14 - Yaxeni Oriquen: Studio Photo Session - 3 studio photo sets featuring the glamorous side of the fabulous Yaxeni.

10/13 - CORRECTION/UPDATE - USA 02 FBB Posing Routines - Broken links repaired which prevented subscribers from viewing the women's posing routines. Now fixed. Please report broken links promptly.

10/7 - Monica Martin: Amazon from the Land of the Amazon - From Brazil - the legendary land of female senxuality - the epitome of sexy muscle.

10/2 - Jennifer Hanke: Just Right For Fitness - A lifetime of athletics - from gymnastics and track to volleyball - plus a beautiful, sexy body add up in Jen's case to great qualifications for fitness competition.

9/23 - Lena Johannesen: Is She The New Tonja Knight? - Why compete in fitness or figure when the industry is hungry for sexy female bodybuilders?

9/13 - Sherry Goggin's Desert Adventure - In search of glamour at 100 degrees in the middle of the Mojave Desert in August.

9/6 - Jan Tana 03 Coverage Complete - Finals photos and contest reports now on site.

9/3 - Jan Tana 03 - FBB Awards - Photos of the top 5 in each class, the class winners and the award for the overall to Helle Nielsen.

9/2 - Jan Tana 03 - FBB Posedowns - The three weight classes pose down in their final chance to earn points from the judges.

9/2 - Jan Tana 03 -Fitness 1 Piece Round -It's never been explained why there's a round in fitness which involves covering up these beautiful bodies with 1 piece suits - but here's what it looks like.

9/1 - Jan Tana 03 - Finals Backstage -With figure now added to bodybuilding and fitness, there is a real circus atmosphere backstage at pro women's contests - and these photos prove it.

9/1 - Jan Tana 03 - Figure Prejudging - The entire lineup of figure competitors compared during prejudging.

8/31 - Jan Tana 03 - Figure Finals - Two pages of photos featuring all 31 of the figure competitors.

8/30 - Jan Tana 03 - FBB Prejudging - Every female bodybuilder in the event doing mandatory poses plus comparison photos of the top contentenders. 200 photos in a 4 page feature.

8/30 - Jan Tana 03 - Fitness 2 Piece - The fitness competitors in bikinis during prejudging.

8/29 - Jan Tana 03 - Precontest Activities - The competitors at the press conference. Fitness and figure women choose numbers. FBBs weigh in to determine competition class. FBBs and fitness women hand in their music.

8/27 - Jan Tana 03: Backstage and Dressing Room - Close up, personal and intimate photos of FBB, fitness and figure competitors at the Jan Tana; 150 photos in 3 pages in the dressing rooms and pump up area.

8/25 - Jan Tana 03 Fitness Routines - A sampling of 59 photos of the routines by the fitness competitors.

8/24 - IFBB Jan Tana Classic 2003 - FBB Posing - 250 photos of the posing routines of the top 5 women in all three weight an examination as to what is lacking in the posing of female physique competitors.

8/21 - The Jennifer Hanke Story - Too short for volleyball, Jen's gymnastics training and athletic background make her just right for fitness.

8/18 - IFBB Jan Tana Classic 2003 - Complete contest coverage of FBB, fitness, figure - contest reports and hundreds of photos. UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

8/13 - Eyana Barsky - Model, actress and fitness expert: "Happiness is knowing what your body can do."

8/11 - USA 03 - Contest Reports - Bodybuilding and fitness reports, observations and commentary. Contest coverage complete.

8/11 - USA 03: Candids - Personalities and plenty of babes.

8/10 - USA 03: More Backstage Photos - Two additional pages of pumping, primping, and putting on last minute touches of color.

8/10 - USA 03 Fitness Finals & Overall - The short, medium and tall class finalist and the competition for the overall title.

8/7 - USA 03 Women's Bodybuilding Overall - The three classs winners compete for the overall title and the right to turn pro.

8/6 - USA 03 Women's Bodybuilding Finals - The judges select the top 5 in each class and award the trophies.

8/5 - Monica Brant: The Early Years - Updating the Monica photo feature with 40 photos from a 1996 photos session when Monica was new to California and to fitness competition as well.

8/5 - USA 03 Fitness 2 Piece Round - The short, medium and tall class competitors compared in physique-revealing bikinis.

8/4 - USA 03 Female Bodybuilding Routines - Posing photos all all the women in all three classes during the Saturday evening finals.

8/3 - NPC USA Female Bodybuilding Prejudging - Comparisons of the competitors in the three weight classes.

8/2 - NPC USA Backstage Photos - 2 pages of the female bodybuilders and fitness competitors pumping, prinping, oiling up and getting last minute finishing touches to their color.

8/1 - NPC USA Weigh-In/Meeting Photos - The female bodybuilding and fitness competitors on Thursday evening before the event.

7/31 - NPC USA Championships 2003 - Complete contest coverage, photos and reports, UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

7/20 - Fawnia Mondey: The "Ultimate" Model - Sucess in print, film, television, video, on stage as exotic dancer and with a face and body many other models can only wish for, Fawnia's career is the stuff dreams are made of.

7/5 - Lenda Murray: Kaui Adventure - Classic photos of Lenda Murray on Kaui in 1991, near the beginning of the career that has brought her 7 Ms. Olympia titles and counting.

6/26 - DeeAnn Donovan: Page 3 - 3rd of three pages featuring DeeAnn.

6/23 - DeeAnn Donovan: Page 2 - 2nd of three pages featuring DeeAnn.

6/20 - NOC "Ladies Night" Coverage Complete - finals, winners and contest reports.

6/18 - NOC "Ladies Night" FBB finals - the posdowns for the three weight classes and the winners.

6/16 - DeeAnn Donovan: Dangerous Curves - the first of three pages featuring the fit and curvaceous DeeAnn.

6/13 - NOC "Ladies Night" Figure 1 Piece Round

6/11 - NOC "Ladies Night" Fitness 2 Piece Round - the fitness women in bikinis.

6/9 - NOC "Ladies Night" Candids - 65 photos backstage with female bodybuilders, fitness and figure competitors.

6/6 - NOC "Ladies Night" Fitness Routines - 3 pages of exciting and dynamic action featuring the fitness routines.

6/6 - NOC "Ladies Night" FBB Individual Posing Routines - 4 pages featuring 180 poses of all bodybuilding class finalists.

6/4 - "Ladies Night" FBB Comparison Photos - The first group of the 700 photos due to be added to the contest coverage.

6/2 - Night of Champions "Ladies Night" - First women's physique competition at NOC in 20 years. Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure photos and reports - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

5/27 - Dayana Cadeau: The Sexiest Woman in Bodybuilding? - Critics have claimed that pro female bodybuilders aren't sexy. The photos in these sets proves them wrong.

5/22 - Sasha Ogata: The Spirit of Aloha - 2 pages of nudes, fetish and glamour photos of this sexy, Hawaiian-born exotic dancer and fitness model. In the Figure and Fitness Model Gallery.

5/19 - LeighAnna Ross: Go Figure! - From powerlifting to bodybuilding to fitness and now figure, LeighAnna has always remained beautiful and sexy.

5/16 - Merry Christine: Designing Bodybuilding Woman - Reknown for creating competition suits for others, Merry stays focused by competing in bodybuilding itself. Three photo sets added, including nudes and semi-nudes.

5/06 - Lisa Reed: Beauty and Brains -This fitness champion is also an elite strength and conditioning coach, smart as she is buff and beautiful.

4/24 - Danijela Crevar: The 2003 Model - Danijela has gained muscle mass but is thinking of competing in figure. What gives?

4/21 - Selma McPherson: Hollywood Hardbody - She's already successful on the silver screen but Selma has her sights set on achieving glory in NPC figure competition.

4/17 - Timea Majorova: Through The Keyhole - You can't actually watch Timea getting made up and dressed before her recent studio session, but seeing more than 70 dressing room photos in two pages is the next best thing.

4/06 - Ieva Aleknaite: Queen of the Galaxy - Tall, leggy Ieva won the Galaxy in 2002. Now she has switched to NPC competition where somebody will actually notice.

4/05 - Angela Mraz: Above Route 66 - Fragments of the legendary highway still exist and in the Cajon Pass it winds through some steep and dramatic rocks which serve as a perfect setting for photographing the curvaceous and dramatic Angela.

4/04 - Angela Mraz: Purple Scarf Nudes - Figure champion Angela "on the rocks" in the Mojave Desert - an update of her Erotic Desert photo feature.

3/25 - Nicole Rollolazo: "Li'l Dynamite" - She's not even 5 feet tall but sexy Nicole is a big thing in a small package and on her way to becoming a giant of IFBB fitness.

Arnold Weekend 2003 Coverage Complete

3/20 - Backstage Photos at the Arnold - Bodybuilding, fitness and figure women backstage at prejudging and the finals.

3/18 - Arnold Contest Reports - Who won Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure, and why.

3/15 - Arnold Competitor Meeting/Weigh-in - Thursday night meeting of the figure, fitness and bodybuilding women.

3/13 - Arnold Figure and Fitness Awards - Arnold hands out trophies to the winners.

3/12 - Ms. International Posedown and Awards - Lightweights, heavyweights and overall.

3/12 - Ms. International 03 Finals Posing - Almost 200 photos of the posing routines of all 12 of the lightweight and heavyweight competitors in the finals of the Ms. International.

3/11 - Arnold 03 Expo Photos - Babes (mostly) of the Arnold Expo - bodybuilder and fitness women, fitness models, a tour of the 600 plus booths at the Columbus Convention Center. Click on "Expo" links on main photo page.

3/10 - Arnold 03 Fitness Routines - They fly through the air with the greatest of ease. Two pages of the fitness competitors in rapid motion in Columbus.

3/7 - IFBB Fitness International Prejudging - prejudging photos of the fitness 2-piece round.

3/6 - IFBB Figure International Prejudging - 2 pages of prejudging photos shot at the first ever pro show for figure competitors.

3/5 - Ms. International Prejudging - 157 prejudging posing photos in 3 pages of the lightweight and heavyweight women bodybuilders at the 2003 Arnold.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION - The Arnold Weekend 2003: reports, scores, 600 photos of the Ms. International Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure competitions, backstage, candids and the Babes of the Expo.

2/26 - Mah-Ann Mendoza: "Passion and Desire - 4 pages of photos showcasing this NPC USA winner now turned IFBB pro.

2/10 - Dayana Cadeau: Saluting The Muscle Seductress - 3 photo sets celebrating a woman many think is the sexiest in female bodybuilding.

1/28 - Amber Deluca on Television - 3 photo sets with Amber done for a German television documentary on the photo book Modern Amazons.

1/21 - Timea Majorova: Glamour X Three - Three picture sets of the less muscular but still sexy fitness champ Timea Majorova.

1/17 - Tazzie Colomb - Southern Belle With Barbelles - Two sexy photo pages featuring one of the best, most beautiful and strongest pro female bodybuilders.

1/08 - Beth Roberts: How Ya Gonna Keep Her Down On The Farm - From lifting pails of milk to lifting weights, Beth has done from farm girl to bodybuilding champion.

1/02/2003 - Sara Waide: Fit To Dance - Trained as a dancer rather than a gymnast, the curvaceous Sara brings a refreshing style of performance to NPC fitness competition.

12/29 - Bethany Howlett Superfeature - Two previous studio shoots plus two pages of the new "Studio 2002" photo set - a huge banquet of sexy Bethany photos demonstrating why she is called the "Anna Nicole" of fitness.

12/22 - Debi Lee Stern: Down Mexico Way - An update of the feature pictorial of fitness competitor and IFBB judge Debi in Puerto Vallarta, Mexio - Expanded from 6 to 30 high res photos.

Muscle Angels:

Helen Bouchard: Massive and Peaked Muscularity.
Colette Nelson: Behind Bars!

Muscle Angels will be shooting at the Emerald Cup April 20-21. Please check out: for more info on this great contest!

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The Page of the gorgeous, incredibly attractive pretty muscular NPC National Level Figure Competitor DOROTHY TROJANOWICZ has been updated with great photos + 1 video clip!

The HDPHYSIQUES Page has been updated with great photos featuring LILLA MELINDA, HEATHER BEYER, DENISE ROSE, TANYA HYDE and more + 3 video clips (TANYA HYDE, VALERIE WAUGAMAN & PEEK WEEK SAMPLE)!

The Page of the very muscular & attractive NPC National Level Bodybuilder and World Class Powerlifter KATE BAIRD has been updated with beautiful photos + 1 high res. video interview!

TOM NINE's PHOTOGRAPHY Page has been updated with great photos featuring AMY SIBCY, JOANNA THOMAS, HEATHER PEDIGO, SARAH DUNLAP, YVONNE EDMUNDS and more + 2 video clips featuring DENA WESTERFIELD & CATHERINE ANDERSEN!

MUSCLE GODDESS OF THE MONTH: The gorgeous & beautifully muscled National Level NPC former Bodybuilder, now Fitness Competitor KATIE MADDEN!

The Page of the gorgeous, extremely beautiful and very muscular Italian Bodybuilder CARLA CABAU has been updated with beautiful photos!

The Page of the extremely attractive and beautifully muscled Bodybuilder CHRISTY RESENDES has been updated with awesome photos + 1 video clip!

The Page of the very attractive & beautifully muscled Brazilian Figure Champion FLAVIA CRISOS has been updated with beautiful new photos!

The Page of the gorgeous, very attractive and beautifully muscled NPC National Level Bodybuilder MELISSA DETTWILLER has been updated with awesome new photos!

The GENE X HWANG PHOTOGRAPHY Page has been updated with beautiful photos featuring MONICA MOLLICA, ISABELLE TURELL and others!

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